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Creating a BigCommerce API Account

Learn the first step of implementing PartsLogic components on your BigCommerce website by creating an API account.

📆 Last Updated: 3/11/2022

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Requirements to Implement

  • You must have User Role > Admin access to your BigCommerce store
  • Know how to edit, save, and send a text (TXT) file.
  • Your BigCommerce store uses the Stencil framework and have access to BigCommerce's V2/V3 API


Why a BigCommerce API Account required

PartsLogic reads and syncs catalog data from your BigCommerce store. To do this, it is required to have an API Account created in your store. The data that PartsLogic retrieves and syncs:

  • Cateogries
  • Brands
  • Products

With this API connection your BigCommerce store's product data will be synced to all of the PartsLogic search components.


Create your API Account

Follow these easy steps to create your API Account in your BigCommerce store.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browsers, when you save the newly created API account, your browser will download a TXT file that contains all the required API information.

If you are using any other browser, (ie: Safari or others), before you get started, download this TXT file and open it on your computer to record the required API information that you can only copy once. This information is what you will send to your PartsLogic implementation specialist.

⚠️If you do not properly record the API Account info immediately after creating it, you will need to delete the API Account and create a new one. 

  1. Login into your BigCommerce store's admin panel
  2. Once logged in, using the left sidebar, navigate to Advanced Settings > API Account
  3. When on the Store API Accounts page, click the [ Create API Account ] button and in the dropdown menu choose Create V2/V3 API Token
  4. When on the Create API Account page, enter and select the following:
    1. Name: PartsLogic API Account
    2. API Path: copy this value and paste it into the text document your created before starting this process.
    3. OAuth Scopes: scroll down the page and click on the following
      1. Products: read-only
  5. At the bottom of the page, click the [ SAVE ] button.
  6. For Chrome, Firefox, and Edge users your browser downloads a TXT file that you can save locally. Take note where this file has been downloaded on your computer.
  7. For all other browser users (ie: Safari and others), when the pop appears, copy the information and paste into your existing text document.
    1. Access Token
    2. Client Name
    3. API Path
    4. Client ID
    5. Client Secret
  8. Once you have either downloaded the TXT file or manually edited a TXT file, save it locally on your computer. You will be sending this file to your PartsLogic implementation specialist in the next step.
Image: Copying the API Account info into a TXT file

Send the TXT File

👏Horay you did it!

Now send the TXT file in an email to your PartsLogic Implementation specialist and they'll take it from there!