How do I assign cross-sell products?

This feature is a great way to suggest other products to your customers to increase your sales!

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  1. Login to your site admin.
  2. Hover over System.
  3. Click on Configuration.
  4. Click on Catalog.

In the Cross Sell Count field, enter the number of products you would like promoted on the Product Pages When a number greater than 0 is entered, Cross Sell Count, will display the number of products specified at the bottom of your product page. If you do not specify your own items in the cross-sell section on a product page then WSM software will select similar items in the same category for you.

Specify Which Products Show On Product Pages

  1. Navigate to the product where you would like to add Cross Sell items.
  2. Click the Products icon (looks like a box).
  3. Click Add Product button.
  4. Type the part id or a portion of the name to see a list of products.
  5. Click the product from the generated list (See Tip Below).
  6. Set Priority number 999 to 1 (the higher the number the closer to the top or right the product will appear. Any items with the same number will be sorted alphabetically).
  7. Click the Add Cross-Sell Product Button.

New functionality 

  • The WSM system is designed to pull items into your cross-sell list from current sales
  • If you set the cross-sell item amount to 6 items the site will display the items you assign as outlined in the steps above. If you do not use the Restrict to Assigned Products setting and have not specified 6 products, WSM will dynamically display the remaining products based on products in the same category and/or items purchased with the product in the past. 
  • If you only want the products you assign in the cross sell feature to display and no products if you do not assign then you will want to enable the Restrict to Assigned Products. (System > Configuration > Catalog tab)

💡Tip: Copy/Paste to Assign Cross Sell-

Copying and pasting information from another source, paste the information into the product field.

Once you have pasted the information, use your backspace key to remove the last character from the pasted information (if this is a number keep it in mind)

This will generate the list of products available, scroll through the list and locate the item you want to cross-sell. 

Continue with the instructions above

⚠️Caution: When using the cross-sell functionality within the individual product there may be what appears to be multiple copies of the same item - do not use this feature, utilize the steps above 

💡Tip: Products displayed without Restrict setting-

The cross-sell returns the products that have most often been purchased with the cross-sell item and adds them to the cross-sell list up to the specified limit.

To put it another way; it queries all orders that have purchased the cross-sell product. It then does a count on each item and sorts so the highest counts are at the top. It then adds the items to the bottom of the cross-sell products list that is returned to the front-end.

If the Restrict to Assigned Products is enabled it would skip this query and only return products that are linked as a cross-sell item.


For Cart Cross-Sell Control

  1. Login to your admin site.
  2. Hover over System.
  3. Click on Configuration.
  4. Click on the Cart tab.
  5. Next to Recommended Items, use the drop-down to control if you want the cart to cross-promote automatically or if you want products from a specific category to always so on the cart screen.
  6. Save changes.