In this article you will find monthly release notes and updates to the Web Shop Manager platform.

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August 2020


  • Orders/Quotes - Ability to attach product fees to products from the Admin interface
  • Quotes - Ability to pass through custom shipping prices to front-end checkout
  • Quotes - Ability for site Owners to set Quote Builder access level
  • Ability to set the exact Cross-Sell Item # which gets displayed to the Product ID
  • Google base feed - New field for sale_price

Highlighted Bug Fixes:

  • Promotion Manager - Shipping discounts should now only apply to the exact items defined in the "Apply To" field
  • Promotion Manager - Group IDs should no longer be duplicated when saving changes to a promotion
  • Fixed error when trying to export Orders
  • Fixed issue where PO entry was not being displayed for invoice customers

November 09, 2020
  • Removed deprecated fields from the brand edit page which were no longer used and confused.

  • Added ability to Filter and export orders with a status of “Fraud” from the Advanced Filtering interface

Highlighted Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where items with Product Fees were causing customers to get a blank confirmation screen.

  • Fixed an issue with the WSM v5 engine where Affirm checkouts were getting an error

    November 16, 2020
    • WSM template modifications to support automated testing

    • Added the "Inventory" field to the Product Option set import model

    • Allow Bancomer payment gateway to be set as the default payment method

    • WYSIWYG editor is now on the Category Description and Category Extended Description fields

    Highlighted Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with the Product Fee price field not handling currency punctuation.

    • Fixed an issue where if an order had a large number of products the shipping request wouldn't get set correct causing an error.


    November 30, 2020
    • WSM template modifications to support automated testing for Quote Builder

    Highlighted Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed a Bancomer issue where a comparison hash was incorrectly changed in a previous update


    January 05, 2021
    • WSM 5.0 customers can use the latest JQuery version: 3.5.1

    Highlighted Bug Fixes:

    • WSM 5.0 customers: Kount and Auth.net fraud detection IP addresses send the correct customer IP. This fix is for all sites, including Cloudflare customers.

    • Custom customer order confirmation email messages work again.

    • Fixed an issue encountered when importing dealer locations.

    • Improvements were made to the delayed image importer feature to correctly handle images added to products while the image importer queue is being processed.

    • Fixed an issue with imported promotions CSV profiles: Discounts correctly apply.

    • Product Options/Attributes now persist when quotes are loaded to a cart.

    • Fixed an issue preventing users from submitting an order only containing fees.

    • Fixed an edge case concerning brand code matching in scheduled imports.


    January 15, 2021
    • Improved internal logging of the checkout and order process, for easier troubleshooting.

    Highlighted Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue that was causing incomplete data in certain CSV Order exports.


    February 12, 2021
    • Added a “contiguous US” option for Shipping Matrix configurations
    • Improved warnings when adding incomplete attributes to a product

    Highlighted Bug Fixes:

    • Improved Kount ENS update response times

    • Image URLs are now always correct in order exports and Product API responses

    • Promotions imports: Minimum price and images now correctly import

    • Fixed an issue with product weights doubling in a shipment that mixed freight and non-freight items

    • Updated Utah zip codes for shipping estimates

    • Data imports and the Product API respect tiered pricing quantity restrictions


    March 11, 2021
    • WSM 5.0 feature: Improved international dealer location display

    • Upgrade bubble text Information at the “Shipping & Handling” Configuration section

    • News articles save even when they don't have a topic

    Highlighted Bug Fixes:

    • Canceled orders with a discount don't show as negative on the order list page
    • Resolved inconsistencies with jQuery 3.5.1


    March 29, 2021
    • Zapier abandoned cart integration now contains the order's email address

    Highlighted Bug Fixes:

    • Resolve Server side issues with Image Gallery


    May 04, 2021
    • Improve Category Priority efficiency: Product Stock ID addition
    • Improve Product Search filter Accuracy by Keyword
    • Improve consistency for multiple Brands attached to Promotion
    • Improve WSM Admin Support page
    • Update Admin Support link
    • Update Affirm messaging


    May 20, 2021
    • Introduce the YOTPO’s Loyalty Program

      June 22, 2021
      • Improve Category-Product Priority Import Model to include StockID as unique value

      • Deprecate the Old-Cross Sell section on the product page, see our help page on how to use the newer feature for assigning cross-sell items, https://help.webshopmanager.com/cross-sell

      • Upgrade Shipping Remarks API

      Highlighted Bug Fixes:

      • Fixed Product’s import Dialog Box reopening after selecting an image


      July 13, 2021
      • Priority field added to the Product Series edit view: Sites using Advanced Guided Search (AGS) can now set the priority level of a Product Series from the Product Series edit view. Previously, this functionality was only supported via the sites' Import Tool.

      July 26, 2021
      • Restrict user deletion permissions: now only the Admin role can delete other Users.
      • Discounts are now considered for YOTPO’s loyalty Program

      Highlighted Bug Fixes:

      • Fix Girth value detected inaccuracy at Edit Product