How PartsLogic Boosting Rules Work

Learn how to use boosting rules to increase/decrease the relevancy ranking of your search results.

📆 Last Updated: 1/19/2022


Boosting rules were defined as a set of rules that would enable a site owner to choose how their products would be ranked during a system/customer search.  This lets you control the contents and ranking of the search results of individual queries at runtime. The context of the user when they invoke the search query provides information that is not available when the index is compiled, and this provides greater opportunities for dynamic interaction. For example, you can amplify or reduce the boosting value of a field when you invoke a search query based on your own criteria. 

In short, when a set of products are returned in a response to a customer query, the ones with higher manual boosting are ranked higher vs. those with no manual boosting or lower manual boosting.

Image: Boosting rules can promote and boost products to the top of the search results.


You can make rules based on several product characteristics:
  1. Products - boost individual products.
  2. Brand Assignment - boost products by brand assignment.
  3. Categories Assignment - boost products by category assignment. 
    ⚠️Note: Only applies to the product's end category assignment. This characteristic only applies to the end category assignment and not the parent category assignment.
  4. Price Range (gte) - boost products by their price value that is greater than or equal to (gte) a numeric value.
  5. Price Range (lte) - boost products by their price value that is less than or equal to (lte) a numeric value.

When a boosting score is applied, what it is actually doing is multiplying the search relevancy score by that value. For example, if a product has a relevancy score of (100) for a particular search query, if the rule applies to that product and that boost score for that rule is set to (2), then the relevancy score for that product is 100 * 2 = 200.


    • 0.1 to 0.9 - Demotes or de-boost products, send them to the bottom of search results
    • 1.1 to 999 - Promote or boost products, send them to the top of the search results
    • 1.0 - does not boost, boosting score should never be this value.


    Managing PartsLogic Boosting Rules