PartsLogic Browser Support

Learn which Web Browsers and Operating Systems (OS) PartsLogic actively supports.

📆 last updated October 19th, 2021

Due to the sheer number of different browsers and versions available, Industry practice is to support browser and version combinations which are currently supported by the Software vendor. PartsLogic's policy is to support the 4 main browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari) and provides fixes and updates to make sure the website operates as expected for the vendor supported versions of each browser. Ultimately this means there may be combinations where your site may not look or behave the way you expect it to.  Websites may or may not be updated to fix functionality on older non-supported vendor versions and it is at the discretion of PartsLogic on fixing issues in older versions.

The table below defines which versions are currently being supported by their respective vendors and PartsLogic.

Name Vendor Latest Version Version Supported
Firefox Mozilla Foundation 93 87.X
Samsung Internet Samsung 13.X
Chrome Google 94.0.4606.81 89.X
Safari Apple 15 14.X
Edge Microsoft 94 90.X