PartsLogic & Synonyms

Learn what synonyms are, how to create them, and apply them to your website's site search.

📆 last updated October 19th, 2021

Why use Synonyms

Synonyms are words with same or similar meanings. For example: gorgeous and beautiful, curtains and drapes, etc. When a shopper searches for one word and you'd like that search to search for other similar words as well? You should use the PartsLogic's synonym feature. 

Synonyms are a great way to solve the issue of users that are searching for items that:

  • Are commonly misspelled (ie: tonneau)
  • Have multiple or regional names (ie: "bed cover" is another name for "tonneau cover")

How Synonyms Work in PartsLogic

Adding Uni-Directional Synonyms

  • Search term: tablet
  • Direction: => (uni-directional)
  • Synonym: ipad

Here, when a shopper searches for the word "tablet"; the term "ipad" is also searched. However, the vice-versa is not true. In order to also have the term "ipad" search for "tablet", a separate synonym will have to be created for that association.


Adding Bi-Directional Synonyms:
Search term: Sweater
Direction: no directional needed
Synonym: sweater, sweatshirt, jumper, woolly, woolen

Here, all the words (Sweater, sweatshirt, jumper, woolly, woolen) are treated as synonyms of one other. In other words, when a shopper searches for one of these words, all the other synonyms of the same are searched as well.

How to Create and Manage Synonyms

Once the Admin App is available, you will have full access to managing synonyms on your own. 

The current process is simple! Just creating and save a list of synonyms in a text file. Then send that file to the PartsLogic team and we install it for you.

Create a list of Synonyms in a .TXT file

  1. Download this example synonym .TXT file: synonyms-example-Oct-2021.txt
  2. Open the example file in a text editor like Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (MAC)
  3. Follow the examples in the file and make your own comma separate list of synonyms
  4. Save your file locally and bookmark it. You will most likely add to it as you discover new synonyms to improve your search.

Email your synonym file to your Client Success Manager (CSM)

  1. Email the TXT file to your CSM
  2. The CSM will then have the file loaded to your search service and inform you when that task is done. 
  3. Expected time to upload is 1-2 business days. 

Instructions For CSM

Once received, send file to Ryan for uploading.