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September 2021

PartsLogic continues to launch new features and enhancements every two weeks!

This months full list of  new advances and enhancements include:

  • Improved Relevancy: search query enhanced to return fewer and more relevant results. (Effective date 9/22/2021)
  • 🐞Bug Fixes: 
    • Search Results Page: retain a user's selected page of results when going back to the search results page.
  • Coming in September: If your data includes individual part attributes (ie: Size, Color, Material, etc) user are able to filter results by those attributes.


August 2021

PartsLogic is taking shape with the introduction of Fitment Search! Users can perform a keyword search, save a selected fitment to filter search results.

This months full list of  new advances and enhancements include:

  • Filter search results by fitment
  • Improved part number search relevancy with exact match support
  • Options Available button present in the product list

Select & save fitment to filter results


July 2021

More and more customers are experiencing PartsLogic on their website! This month's focus making small improvements to the UI and UX and laying down the foundation for Fitment Search. Some highlights include:

Synonyms now supported! Contact your service rep on how to setup synonyms.

July Webinar - 3 Pillars of a best-in-class search

In July, we also published a webinar covering what pillars make the difference between a good search and a great search experience.

Download the presentation slide deck »


June 2021

PartsLogic is on it's second month and already improving based on client feedback.

Some of the important updates include:

  • Single page application (SPA) for the search results page. It's now super convenient to update the search results page to the latest version.
  • Facet search is now available and users can filter product search results by Category and Brand.
  • Sort product search results by Recommended (aka most relevant), Price: High to Low, & Price: Low to High
  • Full pagination controls
  • Meta Keywords field for products boosted to give client some control of search relevancy score
  • Small bug fixes

Filter Results by Brand and Category!


May 2021

PartsLogic is officially released and have a first clients using it! The first release includes:

Suggestive Search Bar

  • Keyword search
  • Partial part number search supporting special characters
  • suggested results for categories, brands, and products
  • Product results with visual info for image, title, brand, tagline, pricing
  • Misspellings & Typos

Search Results Page

  • Dedicated search search results page
  • Product list showing visual info for image, brand, title, tagline, pricing, shipping and availability remarks

Suggestive search bar experience