An FAQ section on your website is useful for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is an easy to locate area of your website that will provide users with a central location that may help them navigate through your site.

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You can choose to have multiple FAQ pages that are grouped into separate categories, like "shipping FAQs" or "General FAQs", but it is much more common to have one centralized FAQ page. The reason behind this is that FAQ pages by their very nature are meant to make things easier for the user. Separating FAQs can be counter intuitive unless you have enough to warrant it.


To make an FAQ Topic:

  1. Go to the back end of your WSM
  2. Hover over Modules and select FAQ
  3. The Number of Topics column will tell you how many sub topics are inside of that category
  4. The Number of Articles column will tell you how many questions are on that page
  5. To create a new topic (question) simply click the ADD TOPIC button at the bottom right of the screen
  6. Each article you add within a topic will simply represent one question on that page
  7. Once you have clicked ADD TOPIC please refer to the table below to assist you in completing each field
Question This is the question that is being answered in this FAQ topic. Phrase it as if the user is the one asking the question. For example: "What shipping options do you offer?"
Topic This is the FAQ topic that this question will be listed under. By default, it will be set to whichever topic you were in when you clicked "add article", but it can also be changed.
Priority Determines where (in relation to the other questions) this question will be displayed on the page. Higher numbers display above lower numbers in each individual topic.
Hidden Determines whether or not this question will be visible to site visitors.
Answer The answer to the question that was asked in the "Question" field. Provide as much detail as possible.
*Priority Choose the order the FAQ is displayed in.
Hidden Choose whether or not you'd like the question/answer to be viewable in the FAQ.
Customer Required Whether a customer must be logged in to view the page.
Customer Group Group that the customer must be logged into.