Here you will find frequently asked questions related to admin tasks on the WSM platform.

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Loading the API key into Web Shop Manager

Once you have followed the steps provided by Google and created your API Key, you will need to load it into the back end of your site.

  1. In Web Shop Manager, hover over "System" on the green toolbar and click "Configuration"
  2. Under Configuration click the "Integrations" tab
  3. Click in the box next to corresponding API and press Ctrl+V to paste the key into the box
  4. Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom right corner of the screen

WSMU Terms & Formatting


  • WSM Users – our clients
  • Customers – the end users, the people buying products or viewing a site
  • Hover – hover over something to see an additional menu
  • Click – is to take action
  • Site – referring to their website or store
  • Field  - anything that you fill out
  • Drop down - anything that has a drop down selection
  • Radio - a circle and will only allow for one selection
  • Checkbox - box, when clicked is setting soemthing to yes
  • Memo - field that allows more then one line of text to be viewed/entered.
  • Section - a grouping of form fields/dropdown/radio/checkbox


  • Bold  - anything that they are looking for on the page. i.e. field name, menu, buttons, section names
  • H2 - main headings
  • H4 - sub heading
  • Red Text - Used to emphasize something that can be a show stopper or something that could be missed

Changing ID Numbers in WSM

Q: Can I change the Order, Product, or Page ID numbers generated within Web Shop manager?

A: No.  The ID numbers generated within Web Shop Manager are dynamically created from the database. Due to Web Shop Manager being associated with only one database for now, it dynamically applies a unique ID number per item generated within WSM.

Changing a Brick & Mortar Address on a Website

Q: How do I change my address on a website?

A: If you have a physical location and you want to edit the address that is on the site, please follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over System 
  2. Click Configuration
  3. The first tab> Site Information - this is where you will edit your address.  This is the address that appears on your contact page. 

Changing Trademark Name in the page Footer

Q: When and how can I go about changing the trademark name on my page footer?

A: When a site has changed ownership or changes trademark/branding logo or name 

Go to the site dashboard (backend) 

  1. Go to system configuration > Site Information
  2. Change the Site name to what you want the footer to reflect 
  3. Click save changes
  4. Verify changes were made, visit homepage and check footer for new information near copyright date

FTP Account

Q: What is an FTP account and do I have one?

A:  FTP or "File Transfer Protocol," is a standard protocol used for the transfer of files from a server to a client, or simply between computers on a network.  

Web Shop Manager (WSM) offers you the ability to use the Files & Images feature as well as other Modules for uploading files, making an standard FTP server access unnecessary. You can access the Files & Images through the Content menu in WSM. Within this section you can create folders and upload content.

Data Feed URL

Q:  What data feed do I provide shopping comparison sites?

A:  To find your data feed url, navigate to:

  1. Hover over Data
  2. Click on Data Feeds
  3. Hover over Google Base Feed - compressed, in the lower left hand corner you will see this url:
  4. link)

That url is what you will need to establish the data feed.

Some sites request a "delimited text file." First, create a csv file by doing a product export, and then uploading to Shopping Comparison Site.  This process can be used for such sites as shopzilla, MSN Shopper,, etc...