In this section you will find information about on universal products, changing filtered attributes and attribute names.

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Advanced Guided Search Universal products

If you have a site the using our Advanced Guided Search with a Fitment lookup and have products that are universal and want them to be return in a search with Fitment selected. You must do the follow:

Step by step guide

  1. Log into WSM admin
  2. Hover over System
  3. Select Configuration
  4. Click on AGS tab
  5. Check the box to Enable: "Enable YMM Universal Products"
  6. Save Changes
  7. You will need to add an extra details tab to your Universal Products with a tab name of Application List and a value of Universal
  8. This can be completed manually as well as an import. If you need assistance please contact support,

🔎Note: If your data is provided by DCi the information specified in step 6 above does not apply. The universal products would be displayed when this feature is enabled.

Advanced Guided Search: Changing Filtered Attributes

The following steps allow you to change what Attributes appear in the left column of your Advanced Guided Search site.


🔎Note: When you remove an attribute it removes it from the left on all categories.

Step by step guide

  1. Hover over Content
  2. Click Templates
  3. In search box enter "facet_fields="
  4. Click edit on returned template
  5. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard
  6. Enter "facet_fields="
  7. Go to the second listing of that text
  8. You will see a list of attribute/field names. This section controls how your search uses your data and what Attributes appear in the left navigation.
  9. If you want to remove one delete it and the preceding comma
  10. If you want to add one, type the exact attribute name, replacing spaces with underscores and removing any special characters and typing the text in all lower case letters. ie. truck bed style is entered truck_bed_style
  11. Click save changes when you are finished

⚠️Caution: View your site to confirm the changes worked as expected.


Advanced Guided Search: Attribute Names

The following is a list of field names you CANNOT use as attributes when using AGS Search Technology.



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Advanced Guided Search: Site Data Changes, Website Changes , and Indexing

What is Indexing and Why is it Required?

Indexing is required for sites using WSM's Advanced Guided Search (AGS) technology.

Advanced Guided Search (AGS) - What is it?

This technology has the following familiar features:

  1. Catalog sidebar with attribute filters 
    1. User can filter products by vehicle application
    2. User can filter products by individual attributes (ie: Color, Size, Dimension, etc.)
  2. Product Series
    1. Single product page for items that have multiple part numbers based on vehicle and part application (ie: Air Filters, Tonneau Covers, etc)
  3. Suggested Search Bar
    1. A search bar with a drop-down that provided suggested keyword and product results

What what is Indexing?

AGS uses a search engine service called SOLR, which is an open source enterprise search platform. All data in a Web Shop Manager (WSM) website is hosted in a MySQL database.

AGS requires the data in the MySQL database to be "indexed" into the SOLR database. The SOLR service then dives some of the user experience on the website's pages for categories, brands, search results, products series, and product detail pages.

How Does Indexing Affect my Website?

The search service is powered by SOLR, thus for product and category data to be presented on the website, indexing is required for such information to be present on the website.

What User Interface (UI) is part of the search service?

The following outlines what UI elements on the website are powered by the search service, thus require an index to be presented or updated on the website; and those UI elements that do not required an index.

Indexing Required

Catalog Page Views: Category, Brand, & Search:

  • Category assignments (ie: Moving categories or assigning sub categories)
  • Categories listed in sidebar menu
  • Categories listed on a category/brand/search page (ie: Grid of sub categories)
  • Products listed within the category/brand/search page
    • ie: new products or product series
    • ie: product or product series visibility
    • ie: product or product series category reassignment
  • Sidebar attribute filters including vehicle application selector

Product Series Page View

  • Products that are added to a product series
  • Vehicle Applications
  • Part Attributes
  • Product Series Images

Product Page View

  • Attribute assignments found in the Details or Specs tab (ie: Vehicle Applications and Part Attributes)
Indexing Not Required

Category Page View & Brand Page View:

  • Category/Brand descriptions
  • Category/Brand Images

Product Series Page View

  • Title
  • Description
  • Meta Information
  • Image Assignments
  • Product series visibility

Product Page View

  • All fields with exception of Attribute Assignments
  • Product visibility

Best Practices & Helpful Tips

Follow these helpful tips when updating data on an AGS website:

  • Schedule data updates and changes
    • It's best to have a regular and predetermined schedule for making updates to your data
    • Your site will be placed on a regular indexing schedule. Plan to coordinate updates with that defined indexing schedule
    • Be aware that the time to complete an index varies on several factors. The rule of thumb however is that more products you have, the longer an index will take to complete. Be prepared for indexing to take up to several hours, and it typically ran overnight.
  • New Attributes
    The SOLR schema is required to be updated when new attributes are added. Otherwise an index will fail because new attributes are not in the SOLR schema. When an index fails, that delays changes on the website.
    • Inform WSM Customer Experience (WSM CE) by creating a support ticket detailing what new attributes were added