This page provides you with instructions on how to adjust your search on an Advanced Guided Search site only. It allows you to modify what fields and the type of search for each field.

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  • Steps
  • solr_init function: search_fields parameters

  • Default Settings


  1. Hover over Content
  2. Click on Templates
  3. In the search field type init
  4. Click edit on the template that is returned 
  5. Ctrl + F and search for init
  6. This will result in two matches which allows you to set the search on the home page and the inner pages of the site.
  7. Enter the changes based on the information provided below. Keep in mind that the more fields you search the wider spread your relevancy is across the products. You want to search the least amount of fields and put the proper boost/search type on each field. You will want to perform some searches on your site after making the changes.

solr_init function: search_fields parameters

The following are parameters that can be used in the solr_init function to refine the search results when a user executes a keyword search

search_fields: Term Modifiers

The following are search term modifiers. These will modify the search terms as entered by the user in the searchbar

  • expanded
    Split search terms on spaces
    • Ex Term: "2002 Jaguar S-Type"
    • Ex parameter: yearmakemodel: 'expanded'
    • Resulting Query: "(yearmakemodel:2002) OR (yearmakemodel:Jaguar) OR (yearmakemodel:S\-Type)
  • dashed
    Split search terms on dashes
  • joined: Search for each term using "AND", best used with 'expand', and can be used with 'wild'
    • Ex Term: "2002 Jaguar S-Type"
    • Ex parameter: yearmakemodel: 'expanded|joined|wild'
    • Resulting Query: "((yearmakemodel:*2002*) AND (yearmakemodel:*Jaguar*) AND (yearmakemodel:*S\-Type*))
  • wordonly (deprecated)
    Searches for term without any wildcards. This is not needed, it simply replaces any asterick ( *) in the search term.
search_fields: Query Modifiers

The following are modifiers to the search query as executed in the SOLR database.

  • wild
    Search for term with wildcards on both sides
    • Ex Term: "2002"
    • Ex parameter: yearmakemodel: 'wild'
    • Resulting Query: (yearmakemodel:*2002*)
  • left
    Search for term with wildcards on right side only
    • Ex Term: "2002"
    • Ex parameter: yearmakemodel: 'left'
    • Resulting Query: "(yearmakemodel:2002*)
  • loose
    Search for the term as it was entered
    • Ex Term: "2002"
    • Ex parameter: yearmakemodel: 'loose'
    • Resulting Query: (yearmakemodel:2002)
  • strict
    Search for the term using quotes for a more exact match
    • Ex Term: "2002"
    • Ex parameter: yearmakemodel: 'strict'
    • Resulting Query: (yearmakemodel:"2002")
  • contained
    Puts the search term in parentheses, if any character is within the field.
    • Ex Term: "2002"
    • Ex parameter: yearmakemodel: 'contained'
    • Resulting Query: (yearmakemodel:(2002))
  • boosted+X
    Used for ranking some fields higher in the results, the default for all query fields is none. You can use as many boosters as needed, and is best used to prioritize the search fields by weight.
    • Ex Term: "2002 Jaguar S-Type"
    • Ex parameter: yearmakemodel: 'expanded|joined|wild|boosted+3'
    • Resulting Query: "((yearmakemodel:*2002*^3) AND (yearmakemodel:*Jaguar*^3) AND (yearmakemodel:*S\-Type*^3))
  • exempt (deprecated)
    Ignore search term completely (Does not current work )
Other Parameters

The following are other parameters found in the solr_init function and what they are for:

  • homepage="true"
    Only required when the Year/Make/Model vehicle selector widget is embedded on the page. This is typically the case when the widget is embedded on a homepage. However, the widget can be embedded on a number of pages except Category and Brand pages, or any page in which the default AGS sidebar is present.

Default Settings

The solr_init function has default setting of the following. To override them simply include them in the search_fields parameters and redefine them

title: "loose|boosted",
category: "loose",
summary: "loose",
summary2: "loose",
stockid: "loose"

See your customer experience representative for a list of available search fields.


  • The only items that you can add to the list must be attributes on your site (Catalog>Attributes from the main WSM menu)
  • Must be typed in all lower case
  • Replace any spaces with _ (underscore)
  • Remove any special characters
  • Filter will only be shown where products are listed that have the attribute assigned.
  • You should ALWAYS view your category when you've finished editing the template to ensure it works.

If you are still not seeing a filter you may need to request an index for your site.