Added new functionality to the WSM Admin interface which allows AGS clients to take pre-defined search terms and redirect the search to a specific page.

SLA Level: Premium

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  1. This new interface can be found by logging into your WSM admin 
  2. Hovering over  System and selecting Search Redirects.
  3. To Add a new AGS Search Redirect all you need to do is click on the Add Redirect button.
  4. In this interface, you'll enter in the URL you want to search to be redirected to in the Redirect URL field. The Redirect URL is a relative path for your website and does not include the domain portion of the URL. For example you would enter "/locator.html"
  5. You will then enter in an entire Search phrase or individual search terms into the Terms field and click "Add Term" when you're done with that term. There are currently no restrictions on the number of search terms you can add to a single AGS Search Redirect.

    Search Term Examples:

    • Snow Plows
    • Snow
    • Plows
    • Yellow Snow Plows
    • Snow Plows Yellow
    • 123456

    When you've added all the search terms you want to redirect on, click on Save Changes, to save the AGS Search Redirect.

AGS Search Restrictions:

  1. The feature doesn't not allow duplicate search terms in the same Search Redirect or across Search Redirects.
    1. For example if you would only be allowed to have one entry for "Snow" across all Search Redirects.
  2. Search Redirects must be unique. You cannot have the same Search Redirect URL in separate entries.
  3. The feature matches exact Terms.
    1. For example, if you enter a term of "Big Snow Plows", a redirect will only occur if the user types in "Big Snow Plows". If they enter "Snow Plows Big", they will NOT be redirected.