April 6th, 2022 Software Release Webinar

Learn more about fixed issues, improvements, & new features recently released on both Web Shop Manager and PartsLogic.

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Webinar Topics:

  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Customer Account Block Free Shipping
    • Product Priority Resetting
    • Product Rating Metadata displaying on PDP
    • Print Orders in Building
    • Add Tracking Information to Order API
  • Feature Focus: Sales Tax by Zip Code
    • Feature Defined
    • Configuration Setup
    • Checkout Integration
    • Order Admin Integration
    • Qualifying for the Feature
    • Request Activation
  • PartsLogic
    • Enhancements
    • NEW - Search Bar History
    • Admin - Managing Boosting Rules
    • April Special

Webinar Slide Deck:

Webinar Recording: