These steps are vaild if you have a brand new account and need help with activiating the account and adding the crendentials.


The following steps will be described in more detail.

  1. Receive “Welcome to” email from
  2. Activate your Account
  3. Acquire your Login ID/Transaction Key, Setup in Web Shop Manager (WSM)
  4. Understanding Test Mode
  5. Charging the Card/Processing Orders

Step 1 Receive “Welcome to” email from

Shortly after you receive your Welcome Letter from MerchantOne you will receive an email from This email will contain information for you to activate your account, Step 4.

Step 2 Activate your Account

You will need to activate your account prior to enabling online credit card processing on WSM.

Note: Once your account is activated, you might experience a delay between when your account is created and when your account is activated for handling transactions.

For step-by-step instructions with screenshots of how to activate your Authorize.Net account, please review the Account Activation Guide at

IMPORTANT: Below is information to help you understand the option presented to you on the agreement screen during the activation process.

You have 4 options to select on the bottom of the agreement screen. The first option, Merchant Service Agreement is required and should be checked prior to clicking the I Accept button.

The other 3 are optional and would require additional monthly charges. They are described below. Each of this additional services can be enabled or disable at any point during your service.

In addition to the Authorize.Net Merchant Service Agreement, I also accept the terms and conditions of the Automated Recurring Billing™ Service and associated fees. Keep in mind that you can enable these at a later date if you decide you need them.

Reoccurring billing is only needed if you have subscriptions where you want to charge the same card on a regular basis.

In addition to the Authorize.Net Merchant Service Agreement, I also accept the terms and conditions of the Fraud Detection Suite™ Service and associated fees.

Fraud Detection is only needed if you’re in a high fraud industry like electronics or shipping over seas.

In addition to the Authorize.Net Merchant Service Agreement, I also accept the terms and conditions of the Customer Information Manager Service and associated fees.

Customer Info manager is not needed because we store this for you in WSM.

Step 3 Acquire your Login ID and Transaction Key and Input into Webshopmanager (WSM)

You will need to obtain the following information from your account and enter it in the WSM Configuration screen in order to successfully use to process your credit cards online.

  1. Login ID - This is the login id generated within your account at
  2. Transaction Key - This is the transaction key generated within your account at It is recommended that you change this periodically.

To acquire this information complete the following:

  1. Log into your merchant account,
  2. Click the "Account" link in the top navigation bar
  3. Under the General Security Settings Click the "API Login ID and Transaction Key" link
  4. There you will find your API Login ID
  5. In another Browser window log into WSM
  • Highlight System
  • Click Configuration
  • Click the Payment & Processing tab
  • Click the checkmark in front of Credit (
  1. Switch back to the window in your browser
  2. Highlight and Copy the value for your API Login ID and paste it in the appropriate field in WSM
  3. To find your Transaction Key, enter your secret question and submit the form.
  4. Highlight and Copy the value for your Transaction Key and paste it in the appropriate field in WSM
  5. Click the “Save Changes” button in WSM

You will also need to decide how you want to authorize/capture the funds. This is specified by how you check the boxes below the Transaction Key field. You have 3 options to choose from to capture funds during checkout and order processing.

If you do not check either will authorize the amount in the checkout screen. You can change the amount before charging, but cannot exceed the authorized amount. You will then click capture funds in the order screen before changing it to complete. When you click Capture Funds your customer's card will be charged.

If you click the checkbox for Capture Funds then it would charge the card upon checkout. You cannot adjust the amount charged in the order screen.

If you click the checkbox for the $1 Authorization it will only verify the $1, and then you can adjust in the order screen for the charge amount to any amount prior to capturing funds and charging the customer’s card.

Step 4 Understand Test Mode

Test Mode allows you to test your connection to the payment gateway without actually authorizing or charging real credit cards or bank accounts. Transactions submitted while your account is in Test Mode are not stored by the payment gateway and will not be viewable in search results or reports.

After initial setup, your payment gateway account is placed in Test Mode by default. This allows you to immediately test your connection to the payment gateway before you submit real transactions. However, you may turn Test Mode on or off any time you need to test changes to your payment gateway connection or to restore live transaction processing.

To turn Test Mode off, click Turn Test OFF. A confirmation message indicates that the setting has been successfully applied.

To turn Test Mode on, click Turn Test ON. A confirmation message indicates that the setting has been successfully applied.

When in test mode, you can use these automatic approval credit card numbers to verify that checkout through is working on your site. These numbers will always return approved when in test mode, but will be declined when this gateway is in live mode. Any future date can be used for the expiration date and any 3 or 4 digit number can be used for the CVV code.


Step 5 Charging Cards/ Processing Orders

Before you can begin to accept cards online you must turn Test Mode off. To do so:

  1. Log into website,
  2. Click Test Mode in the red bar across the top of your screen
  3. Click the Turn Test OFF button
    A confirmation message will indicates that the setting has been successfully turned off

Once this is complete, and you have also completed Step 5 above, you are ready to receive credit cards online.