When displayed on your Web site, the free Verified Merchant Seal increases customer confidence that their transactions are being processed according to the highest security standards.

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The benefits of displaying the Authorize.Net Verified Merchant Seal are clear:

  • Create a sense of confidence for consumers who may be concerned about the security of making online purchases.
  • Cut down on shopping cart abandonment due to security and trust concerns.
  • Align your company with one of the industry's best-known payment brands.


Please complete the following so we may ensure the placement of the seal on your Web Shop Manger (WSM) ecommerce site.

  1. Log into your merchant account,
  2. Click the Verified Merchant Seal link
    Step 2
  3. You will see a page with some brief instructions. On this page click the Configure the Verified Merchant Seal Now.Step 3
  4. License Agreement, review the agreement, click the checkmark indicating that you have read it, and click the I Agree buttonStep 4
  5. The next screen is where you will provide your domain names. You need to configure two domain formats for each of your domains: and You must also configure any additional domains and subdomains ( on which you plan to display the seal.
    Type your domain name and click the Add button. The screen will refresh and you can then enter the other domain names, as needed. Once both are entered you can click the Submit button.
    Step 5
  6. The following screen will display the domains you entered and the code. Scroll down to view the code. Click and drag your cursor to highlight the code displayed in the box. Copy the code (Ctrl C on keyboard or Right Click on the code and click Copy)Step 6
  7. Open a new email message. Paste the code in the body of the email (Crtl V or Right click and click Paste). Send the email with a checklist update to Web Design Solutions.


You are encouraged to take advantage of the free Verified Merchant Seal. Anything to help with consumer confidence and increase sales is something worth proudly displaying.