What fields are available for cart abandonment Zaps?

In this article we cover the list of fields available when setting up your cart abandonment emails in Zapier.

Below is a list of fields available to use for your cart abandonment emails. Don't think you need to use them all! But this is the full list of fields so you and your marketing team can select the ones that will work the best for your cart abandonment emails.

This article is supplemental information for setting up your cart abandonment emails using the Zapier/Web Shop Manager integration. For full instructions, please review our How do I send cart abandonment emails? article.

Order Fields

  • Order Information Fields:
    • Order ID
    • Date Placed
    • Date Modified
    • Status
    • Subtotal
    • Sales Tax
    • Discount
    • Handling
    • Shipping Amount
    • Total
    • Shipping Method

Customer Fields

  • Customer Information Fields:
    • IP Address
    • Customer ID
    • Email Address
    • Customer Account Number
  • Billing Information Fields:
    • Billing Phone Number
    • Billing Phone Extension
    • Billing Name
    • Billing Company
    • Billing Street Address line 1
    • Billing Street Address line 2
    • Billing City
    • Billing Postal Code
    • Billing State
    • Billing Country
  • Shipping Information Fields:
    • Ship To Phone Number
    • Ship To Phone Number Extension
    • Ship To Name
    • Ship To Company
    • Ship To Street Address line 1
    • Ship To Street Address line 2
    • Ship To City
    • Ship To Postal Code
    • Ship To State
    • Ship To Country

Product Fields

  • Product Information Fields:
    • Product WSM ID
    • Product Stock ID
    • Product Dealer ID
    • Product Title
    • Product UPC
    • Quantity Ordered
    • Product Status
    • Option Set ID
    • Product Weight
    • Product Length
    • Product Width
    • Product Height
    • Product Image URL
    • Large Format Product Image URL
    • Brand Name
    • Brand AAIA Code
    • Brand WSM ID