The Cart tab in allows further control of settings that affect the shopping cart page. This is the page users view to see items listed in their cart and can then move onto the checkout.

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It is best to have some products in your site prior to adjusting these settings. This way you can test the different settings by adding a product to your cart and visually seeing how elements are effected. 


Complete the following to access this tab in Web Shop Manager. 

  1. Log into Web Shop Manager
  2. Hover over System
  3. Click on Configuration
  4. Click on the Cart Tab

Form Fields Defined

Below is a list of each field on the Cart tab. 

Wishlists When the Enabled checkbox is selected, customers can use the Wishlist Feature from the cart or product page. Then you can monitor the created Wishlists reports.
Recommended Items When an option other than Disabled is selected, "May We Suggest" items will appear on the cart page. If the Auto Generate option is selected, then products will be randomly selected from the same category(s) as the product(s) in the cart. The other options displayed are the Parent Categories within your catalog. Choosing a Parent Category will randomly selected from the specified category. If you want even greater control of which products are selected, you can create a Parent Category, set it to hidden, and add only the products that you wish to be displayed on the "May We Suggest" section to it. Learn more about categories
Shipping Quote Tool When the Enabled checkbox is selected, a shipping estimator will be available to your customers on the Cart page. In contrast, in left un-selected the shipping will not be calculated until the customer enters their address on the checkout screen.  The shipping estimator will calculate the shipping from the supplied zip code, but the exact shipping rate will be better calculated on the check out screen when the full address is supplied. 
Cart Message This field offers you a great opportunity to give your customers some additional information on the cart screen. This is commonly used for Free Freight announcements or other promotions. You can use HTML to enhance the display of the message.
Account Status Msg Enter text to display a message on the My Account and Cart pages when the Customer Account Status is set to Probation or Hold.
Continue Button This drop-down determines where the cart page "Continue Shopping" button takes the customer. The default is Catalog and will send your customer back to /catalog.html.
Cart View Change the template to use for the cart. To enable Responsive Design, please contact Web Shop Manager's Customer Experience team at


Each time you edit the information on your Site's Configuration, it is important that you click the Save Changes button before navigation to another menu option in Web Shop Manager. Note: you can be on any tab on the System's Configuration screen when you click Save Changes and it will save the changes on all tabs.


The cart page is a very important page to your website, and using the cart message to promote discounts or coupon codes may help increase sales. It is good to test if having the shipping estimator on the cart is good for your type of business. Always remember, nothing on your site is set in stone. Use the tools that WSM provides to test what is the best combination of settings for your business.