Using an Option set allows your customers to select specific variations of a product, making the site cleaner and easier to navigate for the user.

Option Set

Option sets require less pages and you wont have to create separate listings for each color, size, or type, etc...In order to create an Option set, you will need to know what type of option you are applying, and which variations you wish to list. Once the Option set has been created, you can apply it to your products.

Types of option sets:  

  • use for multiple products (size, color)
  • for more specific product requirements (font, custom entered text).
  • specified by a simple select box 
  • by customer entered text which allows the customer to upload an image, or select a date and time (i.e. Tickets).

Steps to create an Option Set:

  1. Go to the backend of your WSM
  2. Hover over Catalog
  3. Click Options
  4. Click Add Option at the bottom right
  5. Fill out the fields according to the table below
  6. When completed, click Create Option at the bottom right
Section Heading
*Name What you call this option set internally (e.g., Size)
Label This is the short label version of your option set to show the customer. This value will be used when displaying the option set in the customer's cart and checkout pages, as well as the product pages when there is no description information set. 
Description This is the extended option set information to use on product pages. When this is set, it will override the label information on your product pages to allow for more flexibility on showing your option sets information. 
* Type Type of option set. 
Required Determines if the option is required for adding the attached product(s) to the cart.
Inventory  When enabled, this option set will be used for inventory-limited purchase of products based on option configuration. When using this setting, you must specify option configuration inventories for all products using this option set. Failure to do so will prevent customers from purchasing any attached products. This is only available for Select Box type option sets. 
Name This is the option value name (XXL)
Sku This is the option value sku, part number, or other special identifier. This is never shown to the customer and is for internal reference only. 
Price This is the price modifier to add or subtract from the retail price (5 more than the item price). 
Weight  This is the weight modifier and will be added to the overall weight of the product being purchased. 
Description Appears when the customer hovers over the value in the menu (Double Extra Large).
Image Appears when the customer hovers over the value in the menu (an image of the XXL item).