This article will outline the steps to configure the dealer locator and settings for Google Maps.

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You can configure the dealer locator by

  1. Logging into your WSM Admin 
  2. Hover over the System tab 
  3. Select Configuration from the drop down
  4. Click on the Integrations tab.
  • Google Maps Platform - New pricing went into effect on July 16, 2018. For more information, check out the Guide for Existing Users.

Service Level Availability: Standard-limited levels, Professional, Premium

General Locator Settings:

Default Radius The default search radius selected for the Search within selection when the customer visits the locator map.
Limit Results to Search Radius When a search is made, select this option to only return the locations within the search radius. If disabled it will list up to the maximum number of locations (see next option)
Maximum Number of Locations

When doing a search, this is the maximum number of locations to load on the map. This can be used to provide more locations outside the search radius. If locations are missing within a search radius you may need to increase this limit since it will stop displaying locations once the limit is reached.


Maps First Load:


There are 3 supported modes in the On First Load Display selection with the options detailed below:

Blank Only the search fields are displayed when first viewing the map. When a location is entered and searched it will display the map. This is recommended if you have many locations and want the fastest page load.
Geo-Location Attempt to get the customers location based on browser provided geographical location data. If geo-location fails, Dealer Locator will load based on data in the following order: Custom Location field, Customer Address, Company Address.
Custom Location

Center the map on a custom location.  If the Custom Location fails, Dealer Locator will load based on data in the following order: Customer Address, Company Address. 


Load All Locations When selected, all locations will be displayed when the map first loads. This is not recommended if you have many locations. Without this option it will load the nearest 250 or your maximum number of locations entered in the "Maximum Number of Locations" field.
Custom Location on First Load Text entry field for a custom searchable address. This data can be anything from a zip code, country, state, or anything else that you can search within Google Maps. This setting also has an additional "Preview in Google Maps" link which allows you to see what your results will be before making it live on your site.

Default configuration:
 The new default configuration will be Custom Location without a location entered. 

First Load Setting Availability:

Custom Location
Load All Locations on First Load   X X
Custom Location Box and preview link   X X

Search Radius Circle:

A new addition to the dealer locator functionality is the search radius circle. This circle displays the area defined by the Search Radius which is set by either the customer or the default radius.

If Limit Results to Search Radius is Enabled, Dealer locator will return locations in the search radius up to the Maximum Number of Locations or until it finds all locations within the search radius.

If Limit Results to Search Radius is Disabled, Dealer locator will return up to the Maximum Number of Locations regardless of whether or not the locations are within the search radius.