Web Shop Manager offers the ability to create Price Groups and Access groups which can help you manage tiered pricing and restrict site access to certain areas of your website.

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Creating a Price and/or Access Group

  1. Log in to Web Shop Manager
  2. Go to the Customers Menu
  3. Select Customer Groups from the drop-down
  4. Select Add Group
  5. Add a Title for the Group
  6. Check the box for Access Group, Price Group, or both if you will be assigning custom pricing and restricting access to certain pages of the site to this group
  7. Products can be assigned to both Access and Customer Groups or just one or the other if desired

Assigning the Price Group to specific products

  1. Go to the Products Menu and select Products
  2. Click the Pen/Paper icon next to the product you want to edit
  3. In Tiered Pricing click Open Tiered Pricing
  4. Select the Price Group from the drop down menu
  5. Click the Add Rule button
  6. Add the Discounted Price
  7. Set a limit if you'd like to limit the amount of this item somebody can buy at the discounted price
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button

Assigning the Access Group to specific products

  1. Once the access or price group is created, assign products into this group via an import or by going to the Customers > Customer Groups overview page
  2. Next, click the brown box for Products and start adding products as needed

  3. You can also assign a product to an Access Group from within the Product Edit Page > scroll to the bottom > click the box for login required and then select the Access Group needed

Assigning an Access Group or Price Group to a Customer

  1. Log in to Web Shop Manager
  2. Go to the Customers Menu
  3. Select Customers from the drop-down
  4. From the customer overview page click to edit a customer and then make the selection for Price and/or Access Group
  5. For new customers or managing existing customers within a group, you can also go to Customers > Customer Groups and click the person icon in the row to view the customers assigned to this group

  6. Once the list of customers opens, click to edit an entry, delete, or create a new customer.