Fishbowl is an inventory solution for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, e-commerce companies and many other types of businesses. Its manufacturing software and warehouse management software are scalable, so you can keep using them for many years


Monthly Technology License: Professional & Premium

Setup Fees: $1,500 (includes 2 API Keys)

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How does it work?

Fishbowl is a software integration system that connects multiple solutions based software systems to communicate with each other seamlessly without having to worry about duplicate data entries in both accounting and inventory systems. For example, when a sale is made on your Web Shop Manager e-commerce website, it gets transferred to Fishbowl as a sales order. At the same time, it also gets recorded in a desktop or online accounting solution, and a shipper is informed that a package is picked, packed and waiting to be shipped. With the ability to integrate with both QuickBooks Online & Xero, it also provides small and midsize businesses access to their accounting information anywhere on a Mac, PC, tablet, and smartphones.

What Fishbowl features are implemented in Web Shop Manager?

  • Web Shop Manager Integration - Fishbowl's integration with Web Shop Manager let's you automate your online sales process by importing orders into Fishbowl. This ensures nothing gets missed and the order fulfillment process is expedited 
    • Simple to Connect: There is a Web Shop Manager plugin within Fishbowl, so all you have to do to get started is click the "Install" button in the plugin module and restart the Fishbowl server
    • Import Orders: Quickly import new order information to Fishbowl from Web Shop Manager to speed up the picking, packing and shipping process
    • Export Fulfillment: Send shipment tracking to Web Shop Manager from Fishbowl so your customers have full visibility of their progress
    • Synchronize Products: Matchup product names, SKUs and other essential details in each solution to help with recording orders transmitted between them
    • Track Inventory: Push inventory quantities over to Web Shop Manager from Fishbowl to prevent overselling
    • Schedule Transfers: You can schedule inventory data transfers to ensure your inventory counts are the same in both solutions
  • Fishbowl Warehouse - is an inventory management solution for small and midsize businesses. Some of the solutions it can provide:
    • QuickBooks Integration: Fishbowl Warehouse (FBW) integrates seamlessly with every desktop version of QuickBooks, as well as QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks is unable to meet most companies' inventory management needs, such as: barcoding, part tracking and multiple locations
    • Multiple Locations: FBW has the ability to track inventory across multiple locations. If you have more than one warehouse, store and/or office, you can always check up-to-date inventory levels by location. This helps you know when you need to make transfers from one to another and also plan for sales trends
    • Inventory Management: This is primarily what FBW was designed for. It offers advanced inventory management features to help your business manage multiple warehouses, track parts using a variety of criteria, set up auto reorder points and generate bar codes
    • Order Management: Create all of the purchase orders, sales orders, pick tickets and other essential documents you need with FBW. It makes order management much easier through its use of auto reorder points, in-depth reports and improved warehouse management and picking processes
    • Part Tracking: FBW tracks each part's quantity and status on a per-location basis. If you want to know how many raw materials and finished goods you have on hand, you can check the Fishbowl database anywhere anytime
    • Shipping: Shipping is a basic function of any business, whether it's receiving inventory, transferring items between warehouses or sending finished goods to customers. Fishbowl integrates with a variety of shipping solutions to ensure your orders get to the right places at the right times
    • Mutli-Currency: Multi-currency conversions are available in Fishbowl. This allows you to create and receive sales orders and purchase orders in any currency and then convert them into your home currency for accurate accounting and tax records
    • Sales & Purchasing: Fishbowl Sales Order module is flexible you can use it to upgrade and customize products, save quick lists for speedy order fulfillment to returning customers and set up pricing tiers
    • Reporting: With Fishbowl, you can generate reports to organize sales and inventory data into graphs and forecast future inventory needs
    • Fishbowl Time & Labor: Fishbowl Time & Labor is an online timekeeping system that lets employees’ clock in and out of work with QR codes or PINs, and it also lets employers track their hours, paid time off, tax status and payroll. Plus, you can ensure employees only clock in from authorized locations

What can be configured?

  • Store Settings
  • Order Import
    • Order 
    • Order Status Mapping
    • Customer
    • Carrier Mapping
    • Payment Mapping
    • Taxes
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Product Import
  • Product Export
  • Inventory Update

If you need assistance to configure Fishbowl please click on this link for training videos created by Fishbowl. 

Where can I get more information about Fishbowl?

Visit Fishbowl's official website: 


Fishbowl: WebShop Manager Plugin Wiki Documentation

Fishbowl Warehouse

How can I get Fishbowl installed on my Web Shop Manager site?

Please reach out to Web Shop Manager personnel for more information:

Create a support ticket or call Phone: (619) 278-0871