How do I add additional tabs to my product pages?

Want to know what "Additional Detail" tabs are and how to add them?

You can add additional detail tabs for your product information that can be different from the description e.g Refund Details, Special Notes, etc.

How to add "Additional Detail?

Adding Manually.

    •  Go to Catalog > Products > and edit the product 
    •  Scroll down to the Additional Details Section and click on “Add Row” following by filling in Title and Description. Description can be simple text or HTML code. Scroll down and click on “Save Changes”.


    Adding via CSV (Bulk Import)

     First, we need to add the profile in the backend if not already. 

     1. Go to Data > CSV Profile > Add profile .

    2. Fill in the Profile Detail.
    • Title: A Profile Name
    • Type: CSV
    • Update Only: Yes
    • Model: Product
    • Strip HTML: No

    3. Edit the newly added profile by clicking on Folder Icon. 

    4. Click on Add Field
    • Target Field: StockID
    • Source Type: Column
    • Source Value: StockID
    • Unique: Yes

    5. Add desired tab name e.g “Special Note”, Add Field>

    •  Target Field: Detail
    • Source Type: Column
    • Source Value: Special Note
    • Compound Delimiter: ~ and Multi Value Delimiter: |

    Note: You can add a combination of any Delimiter but it is recommended to use (Tilde and Pipe) which will not conflict with the HTML code you add. 


    Second, We need to prepare a CSV file

    Use any Spreadsheet editor e.g Excel

    1) Add a unique Column e.g StockID of the product which is required to update the detail for the products.

    2) Add the desired column heading e.g Special Note, Return Policy, etc

    3) Save the CSV in UTF-8 encoding.

    The column headings in your CSV file will be used at the Details Title and the contents of the cell the actual details.
    You may have multiple detail tabs on your product page by adding more "detail" profile fields to your WSM product import profile with the tab name matching the column heading in your CSV spreadsheet.

    When using a "Detail" column any product(s) that do not have content in the "Detail" cell will still have a "Detail" tab but with no content. Therefore we recommend create two separate files, with and without the "Detail" column.

    3) Go to profile and Import the CSV file.


    Export Note: If you want to export multiple detail tabs, you will need to specify the proper delimiters in your CSV profile. In your CSV profile for the details field you will need to add a compound value delimiter ~ (tilde – hold down the shift key and the accent`) and a multi delimiter of |(pipe character – hold down the shift key and backslash). These special characters will allow you to identify each of the tab names and their contents without conflicting with any HTML you may add.