How do I change my domain name?

In this article we cover some aspects you should be aware of and some resources that can assist you in migrating your domain.

Changing your domain name can be a risky & lengthy transition. We want to make sure you are well informed and have all of the pertinent information collected before you start the process. 

📆 last updated: September 15th, 2021

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What do I have to worry about?

SEO and search rankings. A domain's age plays a part in how search engines rank your site against your competitors. Here are some great articles from American Express, NerdyMind, & TechRadar that cover the risks associated with a domain name migration. We suggest doing your research before making a decision.

What are the benefits?

Sometimes changing your domain name can be absolutely the right move! It depends on more than a few factors though. Consider things like the quality of the new domain name or the marketing and rebranding campaign you'll launch to support the transition. Sources like EntrepreneureCreative have published articles on what you should look for when shopping for a new domain name.

Where can I get help?

Billed under professional services, WSM can assist with rebranding your site and setting up redirects from your old site pages to your new ones. If you are concerned about topics like SEO, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, & Search Rankings; we recommend enlisting the services of a 3rd party SEO or Marketing firm specializing in such areas. We do have a few such firms we can recommend. If you are interested, please let your CSM or our Client Experience team know and we can make an introduction.

What do I need to start?

  • Ownership of your new Domain Name
  • Access to your Registrar account(s) for both your existing and new Domain Name
  • Access to your Google Business account and access to your Business Profile/Analytics
  • Access to your Captcha account (either hCaptcha or Google's ReCaptcha) 
  • Access to your AdWords Account (if applicable)

How do I start? 

Fill out the WSM DOMAIN NAME MIGRATION FORM to begin the process of changing your domain.