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How do I process a refund?

In this article, you will find the steps to follow in processing a refund for your customers.

Last Updated by 12-May-2021

Processing a Full Refund

Using webshop manager, full refunds for credit/debit cards can be processed from the backend of your site.


    1. Login to the back end of your site. http://yourdomain/admin
    2. Hover over Orders
    3. Select All Orders
    4. In the search field enter the order number and click on the magnifying glass
    5. If you do not have the order number, locate the order from the list
    6. Edit the order by clicking on the pencil and paper icon
    7. Scroll down to the Payment Information, on the right side you will see a complete in green. 
    8. In the payment information field, below action click on the pencil and paper icon and select Refund
    9. Click Save button
    10. Notice the total amount due on the top of the page in the address information section will change from $0.00 to the amount refunded.
    11. The next step is to cancel the order. 

    Can I process partial Refund/Credit through WSM? 

    Partial refunds or credit cannot be issued through WSM.

    Any partial refunds will need to be done through your payment gateway e.g, Authorize.net, PayPal. For any orders where PayPal Express is the payment method, the refund must be processed through your PayPal account.

    If you would like to issue a partial credit, this can be accomplished by logging in to your payment gateway account: