Sunsetting Advanced Guided Search: What does the transition to PartsLogic mean for my site?

After careful consideration and evaluation, we have made the decision to sunset the Advanced Guided Search (AGS) service, effective at the end of Q1 2024. As we transition from AGS to PartsLogic here is what you need to know:

📅 Revised: 1/12/24  (Check back for frequent updates & FAQ) 

Table of Contents:
Key Takeaways
PartsLogic Feature Comparison
FAQ - Transition to PartsLogic

Key Takeaways:

      • There will be no new enhancements or bug fixes for AGS

      • If you encounter an issue with AGS we will prioritize migrating your site to Partslogic

      • Ongoing tickets related to AGS will be reviewed to facilitate transition to Partslogic -- then they will be closed

      • You can expedite your move to PartsLogic, simply submit a service desk ticket.

PartsLogic Feature Comparison:

Feature Comparison_ PartsLogic vs Advance Guided Search (AGS) zoomed


1. What is the difference between AGS and PartsLogic?

Advanced Guided Search is a general-purpose search platform used in various industries and applications. Developed by the Apache Software Foundation, it initially launched in 2004.

PartsLogic, initially launched in 2021, is specifically designed for eCommerce sites, meaning it has features and optimizations tailored to the unique requirements of searching for parts and products.

2. Are there different PartsLogic plans?

Yes. The PartsLogic integration has three tiers, which include different features. The current PartsLogic tiers are Portfolio, Portfolio+, and Full. You can refer back to the comparison table above to see what is included within each tier.

3. What features am I getting and which am I losing?

This would really depend on your current site build and the PartsLogic tier you opt in for. For example, if your site has a Year, Make, Model search but you opt-in for the Portfolio version, you would lose that feature.

In most cases, PartsLogic actually provides you with additional features for your site’s search that are not available in AGS.

4. What will this new search bring to my site?
There are several benefits you can get by migrating to PartsLogic:

  • Mobile-First search: More than 40% of eCommerce purchases are made on mobile devices. PartsLogic is designed, first and foremost, to be mobile-friendly.
  • Increased conversions: Sites with PartsLogic see conversion rates increased by 30-50%. You can read a full case study on how PartsLogic helped Pace Performance increase its revenue here.
  • And most importantly: A faster and more robust search functionality specifically tailored for eCommerce sites, developed with the latest technology. Additionally, removing the AGS code from your site may result in speed improvements, providing your customers with an even more seamless shopping experience.
5. Are there any prerequisites I need to be aware of?

In order to maximize results, it is highly recommended for your site to be using the latest version of Google Analytics (Google Analytics 4). This will ensure your search data is fully tracked in order for you to run better marketing and/or Conversion Rate Optimization campaigns. If you have not migrated to GA4, our front-end development team can get it set up on your site under 2 hours of Professional Services ($390).

6. Will there be any downtime on my site when I migrate to PartsLogic?
No downtime is expected when your site migrates over to PartsLogic, as our process involves implementing it prior to removing your AGS code.

7. Does my site still need to be indexed? How frequently?
Advanced Guided Search (AGS) requires constantly indexing your site to display the products on the site. With PartsLogic, your products will be visible on your site right after creating/importing them, but it does follow a similar process called ETL Sync that allows the products to be displayed as search results.

These syncs occur several times throughout the day, with a minimum of 4 daily syncs. If you ever need to display search results urgently, you can submit a new ticket and a WSM team member will handle the sync for you.

8. Will this incur any extra cost to my plan?

Before implementing PartsLogic on any site, a thorough evaluation is essential to determine whether its integration will result in additional costs. Several factors are taken into consideration: your current WSM subscription plan, your site’s search needs, your preferred PartsLogic tier, etc.

If you’d like to get this evaluation started, feel free to submit a new ticket and one of our Client Success Managers will gladly guide you through the process.

9. What can I do with PartsLogic? Where are its settings?
With the Portfolio tier, you will get a new tab titled “PartsLogic” on your System → Configuration tabs. Here, you will be able to change the search’s main color and text color to match your site’s.

With the Full integration, you will get access to a PartsLogic admin dashboard where you’ll be able to configure the advanced settings this version offers, such as (but not limited to): synonyms, boosting rules, facets, etc.

10. How can I get support for PartsLogic-related issues?
Simply submit a new service desk ticket as you normally would for any other issue. Web Shop Manager will handle the troubleshooting and the communication with the PartsLogic team for you, and notify you once the issue has been resolved.

11. Is there a way to expedite my conversion to PartsLogic?

Yes. You can expedite your conversion right now by submitting a service desk ticket. Once your ticket and site have been fully reviewed, we will start the migration process.

12. My site never had AGS, and I’m interested in transitioning to PartsLogic. Can I apply?

Yes! You can opt-in to transition to PartsLogic even if your site does not currently have (or never had) the Advanced Guided Search functionality. If you want to move forward, please submit a new ticket and one of our Client Success Managers will guide you through the process.

13. What happens if I don’t want to switch to PartsLogic?

As AGS will be fully sunset and no longer maintained, it is imperative for all sites currently using AGS to plan for a transition to PartsLogic in the near future to ensure ongoing functionality and support.

Your site will need to be migrated eventually. Even if you don’t submit a ticket, the Web Shop Manager team may create one for you and notify you about the transition.

14. When will Web Shop Manager start transitioning sites?

Our goal is to finalize the PartsLogic transition during the first quarter of 2024, as AGS will be sunset effective Dec 31st, 2023. If you have not submitted a ticket, Web Shop Manager may create one for you and notify you about the transition.

15. Will I be able to test PartsLogic before it is set live to make sure everything is working as expected?

Our developers have worked hard to ensure a seamless transition from AGS to PartsLogic, but if your site has customizations we need to keep in mind, we do have the ability to make PartsLogic only visible and working for users with admin access. If you submit a ticket, please let us know if you’d like to test it prior to setting it live on your site.

16. I was in the middle of a PartsLogic migration already. How will this affect projects that are already in progress or already quoted, but have not been started yet?

Since all sites need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, we would encourage you to submit a service desk ticket and/or contact your Client Success Manager for further clarification.

⚠️If you have any questions or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Simply reach out to your CSM or submit a service ticket. We are here to address any concerns and provide the necessary assistance as we navigate this transition together.