Why is my Instagram Feed not working as expected?

Are your images broken or not updating in real-time?

Most of our clients utilize an Instagram widget called Lightwidget. Your Instagram widget could have been added to your website during the build phase or while your website was already live. In order to place the widget on your website, you would have had to create a Lightwidget account on the Lightwidget website and give permission for Lightwidget to access your Instagram account. You will need your account credentials in order to update your account. 


Note: If you are utilizing a different Instagram widget, you will need to create a New Desk Ticket, or contact the Web Shop Manager team. 

9 times out of 10, refreshing your Access Token will resolve this issue. Below is a link where you can quickly refresh that token:

If your images are still appearing broken or are not updating, you may need to update or upgrade your Lightwidget account. Here is a link to get you started:

Usually, after your account has been updated, the images will automatically show up on the front end of your website after a site refresh. However, on rare occurrences, if it does not update for any reason, the code might need to be replaced on the website.

Create a new desk ticket with the code snippet provided by Lightwidget.