How Can I Save Money on Professional Service Hours (PSH)?

You can save up to 15% by purchasing a block of professional service hours.

It's simple; buy more, save more. Whether you are requesting a new feature, integration, adding a product line, or ramping up marketing efforts for the next big holiday, there may be times when you need to leverage our professional expertise to make changes to your site.

When reviewing requests for changes or updates to your site a WSM team member will provide an estimate for the amount of time it will take to complete the task. We typically will try to provide you with a range and give you a clear expectation of the cost. Once you approve the estimate, work on the project can begin.

You are only charged for the actual amount of time worked on the project. For example, if the estimate range you approved was for between 2-3 hours but the work was completed in 1 hour, you are only charged 1 hour. Our current hourly rate for professional services is $195/hr.

If  you would like a discounted rate you can purchase a block of hours according to the following schedule:

Professional Service Hours


Hourly Rate

Total Cost

10 Hours 5% $185.25 $1,852.50
20 Hours 10% $175.20 $3,510.00
30 Hours 15% $165.75 $4,972.50

If you would like to purchase a block of hours, please reach out to your CSM or Submit a Service Desk Ticket today!