January 5th, 2022 Software Release Webinar

Learn more about the new features, bug fixes, & improvements recently released on both Web Shop Manager and PartsLogic.

📆 last updated: January 5th, 2022

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Webinar Topics:

  • Bug Fixes
    • Free Shipping Message
    • WSM 5.0 Payment Gateways AVS
    • Promotion Manager Timestamps
    • Attribute Value Editor Cursor
    • Files & Images Counter
  • Improvements
    • .webp File Support
  • Feature Focus, Custom HTML Order Email Templates
    • Basic Template
    • Custom HTML Templates
    • Custom Email Template Examples
    • How to Get Started
  • PartsLogic
    • Recap: What is PartsLogic
    • Boosting Rules
    • What's Next: Admin Application

Webinar Slide Deck:

Wehrli Custom Fabrication,  BumperSuperstore.com, Sprocket Center, & Buggy Whip 

Thank you for allowing us to use your Custom Order Email Templates as examples in this month's Feature Focus!

Webinar Recording: