A simplified solution to give you the same protection of Kount fraud solution without all the rules that's easy to manage.

You’ve heard the pitch for our Kount Enterprise Fraud Solution , and it sounded great, but it also sounded like a lot of work to learn a new system, and you are busy with running a business. 

We are introducing our Kount Portfolio Solution for you! It is very simple, there are no headaches, no new login to remember; just a solution for you to help prevent fraudulent orders from sneaking through.

No Kount rules and software training is needed; we will flip a switch to turn on Kount Portfolio to complete the risk assessments to Approve or Decline the order.

To compare both solutions: 

Set Up Fee

Kount Rules


Custom Rules

Learning New System

Logging in to Kount



Not Needed

All transactions flow through Portfolio Rule Set

Not necessary

No Login




Yes, Customize your own Rule Set

Yes, with the ability to Review Orders and Make Decisions

Complete Access to Kount Dashboard


Kount Portfolio uses a rule set created for WebShop Manager clients that have proven to be successful in the Automotive and Powersport industries. It uses the Omni Score (supervised machine learning where Kount is looking at behavior associated with transactions) and Chargebacks recorded on the Network to determine if the order is fraudulent and should be blocked, or if it looks legitimate and will be processed as a good sale. 



To get more information, email Support@webshopmanager.com , or call 619-278-0871.