Add a location map for your place of business to create one less barrier between your clients and you!

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With Web Shop Manager's Google Maps integration, you can add a business location map to make it even easier for your customers to find you. Manufacturers can also take advantage of this feature to display the locations of different retailers that sell their products. 

Adding a location map in WSM 

  1. In Web Shop Manager,  hover over Modules and click Locations.
  2. Click ADD LOCATION. 

    Screen Shot 2020-07-07 at 7.21.30 PM
  3. Enter your location data in the Add Location form.
  4. On the bottom right on the page, click Add Location.
  5. Geocoding locations often fails on the first attempt. If geocoding fails, you will see a RETRY GEOCODING button appear at the bottom of the Locations list. 
  6. Click the RETRY GEOCODING button. If there is still an issue, an error message will display with additional details. If there is no issue geocoding the location, you will see a green success message.

Add Location form definitions 

The table below defines the fields in the Add Location form and explains their use within the form. 

Add Location


*Location    Name The name of the business/property whose address you wish to identify. This information is required to save and create the location.
Hidden  When Yes is selected, this location does not show on the map and is hidden from the location listing below the map.
Address The street address for the location.
Address 2 Second line of the street address, if one line is not enough. Provide additional address information, if needed.
City  The city for the location.
State State (US) or province (Canada) of the location. 
*Zip Postal code of the location. This information is required to save and create the location
Phone Number The primary phone number to contact the location.
Phone Number 2 An alternative phone number to contact the location.
Fax Number Fax number to contact the location.
Email Email address to contact the location.  Enter the location's website URL with HTTP:// included (Example:
Website Location's website URL.  Enter the location's website URL with HTTP:// included (Example:
Hours Hours of operation for the location. 
Comments Any additional comments about the location.