The following instructions can be used to adjust pricing on existing products, by brand, loaded to your WSM site. Note this tool does not include an "undo" feature and you need to confirm your change will work as expected before submitting.

  1. Log into the back end of your site
  2. Hover on System
  3. Click Tools
  4. Click the Open Tool under the Mass Price Adjustment heading
  5. The first drop down is where you define the type of adjustment you want to perform
    1. set - will set the price or sale on selected products to the price you enter
    2. increase - will increase the price or sale by a percent on the selected products
    3. decrease - will decrease the price or sale by a percent on the selected products
    4. clear - will set the price or sale to 0.00 on the selected products
  6. The second drop down is which price you want to change (Price or Sale)
    1. base - is the "Price" field on the product
    2. sale - the "Sale" field on the product
      Note you typically do not have a Sale amount without a Price amount. When Sale is used and is lower than price the product will appear as if it is on sale.
  7. A third box will appear after selecting values in the first two field. This box will be different based on the type of price change you are making.
    1. dollar if set is selected (enter amount in decimal form #.##)
    2. % if increase or decrease is selected (enter number in % form ##)
    3. no box is clear is selected
  8. The final settings for this tool is what products you want to adjust.
    1. If adjusting all products, proceed to step 9 below
    2. If adjusting specific brands, check the box and select the brand from the dropdown
  9. Click Apply Pricing