The Payment & Processing tab shows payment options available to your customers and are supported by Web Shop Manager (WSM).

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Navigating to the Payment & Processing tab:

Complete the following steps to access this tab in Web Shop Manager. 

  1. Log into Web Shop Manager
  2. Hover over System
  3. Click on Configuration
  4. Click on the Payment & Processing Tab




Resources for each payment gateway

  • Already have an account? Follow these instructions to add your credentials into the back end - CLICK HERE
  • Need more information? Follow this link that will provide information, contact information, and an application to - CLICK HERE


  • Already have an account? *Are there instructions if you have an account?
  • Need more information? Follow this link that will provide go information and contact information - CLICK HERE

PayPal Pro:

  • Already have an account? You will have to create another user in your manager account just for the website. Follow this link for instructions on how - CLICK HERE
  • Need more information? Call our PayPal Representative - Ashley Athmann - (480) 496-3134 -

Cyber Source:

  • Already have an account? *Are there instructions if you have an account?
  • Need more information? Follow this link that will go information and contact information - CLICK HERE

Other Payment Options

  • PayPal Express: Direct Payment API offers you direct credit card payment processing capability through PayPal. For credit card transactions, customers stay on your website as PayPal processes the payment in the background.
  • Invoice: Option for client to send invoice over to customer after the purchase and collect the balance of the order outside of the website.
  • Check: Option for customers to be able to mail in checks, this is NOT for eChecks.
  • PayPal Express Credit: Allows you to open the option for your customers to have a line of credit that gives them the flexibility to pay for the purchase now, or pay over time.
  • NOTE:  When using the authorize funds method, and a change must occur in the pricing 
    • If you lower the price you must click on the pad and pen next to the pending on the order, change to capture and change the dollar figure to the dollar figure in your Total field.
    • In this example Customer order totals 170.00, you discount the Shipping and the total is now 165.00, you would click pad and paper and edit the field containing the price. 
    • Also note if you want to add cost to the order you will have to do a separate charge if the dollar figure exceeds the amount already authorized

Credit Card Types and Tax Information

Credit Card Types: 

  • Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover

Sales Tax States

  • Check "Charge Tax" for the states where you would like to charge sales tax. If you wish to override a state's default rate check "Override Rate" and enter your custom value. To charge taxes on shipping check the box for "Tax Shipping".

    For states that have special tax combinations based on zip code or county, WSM has this configured in the back end of the site. Contact WSM Support Team to enable it.

    NOTE: These values are in decimal form


Each time you edit the information on your Site's Configuration, it is important that you click the Save Changes button before navigating to another menu option in Web Shop Manager. Note: you can be on any tab on the System's Configuration screen when you click Save Changes and it will save the changes you've made on all tabs.


Having your payment information completed is a crucial element to ensuring the success of your business. With these details out of the way, you will be able to focus on more important information like getting orders shipped and providing excellent customer experience.