We hope this finds you thriving in the world of e-commerce! 🌐 We've got some electrifying news that's bound to elevate your business even further. 


🌟 Introducing Our Exciting Partnership with Avalara! 🌟

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Avalara, a powerhouse in automated tax management. This partnership brings a whole new level of excellence to your doorstep, transforming the way you handle sales tax and boosting your business to greater heights and sales tax compliance.


✨ Avalara's Features:

  • Sales Tax on Checkout: Say goodbye to tax-related headaches! Avalara seamlessly calculates sales tax at checkout, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Address Validation: Ensure precise delivery and tax rates every time with Avalara's top-notch address validation feature.

Why Avalara? Embrace the future of automated sales tax management with Avalara and unlock a myriad of benefits:

  1. Achieve Compliance and Reduce Risk: Stay ahead of the curve, ensuring compliance with ever-evolving tax regulations and reducing the risk of costly errors.
  2. Accommodate Growth and Change: Scale your business without worry. Avalara grows with you, adapting to changes in your operations effortlessly.
  3. Drive Efficiency and Reduce Costs: Streamline your processes and cut down on unnecessary expenses. Avalara's automation frees up time and resources for what matters most – your business.
  4. Enhance the Buyer Experience: Make every transaction seamless for your customers. Avalara's precision in tax calculations enhances the overall shopping experience.

Ready to Dive In? Getting started with Avalara is a breeze through our exclusive partner program. Seamlessly integrate Avalara into your operations and witness the transformative power of automated tax management.

Let's take your business to new heights together! 🚀 If you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team at support@webshopmanager.com.

Take the leap towards automated tax excellence today! Secure your site's future with the WSM & Avalara partnership – Cheers to a future of streamlined operations and elevated success!

 Click here to Order the one-time payment for enablement! 
Not an Avalara customer yet? No worries! You can still take advantage of the special and if you do not move forward with Avalara you can use the money towards other updates on your site.