How do I create a promotion code that is connected to a Price Group?

This article with help you apply a specific discount price to individual products.

You can use Price Groups if you want to create a coupon that is limited to a specific product, specific category or specific brand. You will set up a coupon which will use a price group to determine how much the discount is for each product. You will need to add all of the products to the price group with their discounted prices. The following steps walk you through the setup process. You'll need to repeat Step 2 for all products that will be added to the price group.

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Adding a Price Group

  1. Log in to Web Shop Manager
  2. Go to the Customers Menu
  3. Select Customer Groups from the dropdown
  4. Select Add Group
  5. Add a Title for the Group
  6. Check the Price Group box

Applying the Price Group to specific products

  1. Go to the Catalog Menu and select Products
  2. Click the Pen/Paper icon next to the product you want to edit
  3. In Tiered Pricing click Tiered Pricing
  4. Select the Price Group from the drop down menu
  5. Click the Add Rule button
  6. Add the Discounted Price
  7. Set a limit if you'd like to limit the amount of this item somebody can buy at the discounted price.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button.

Creating a coupon from the new Price Group

  1. Go to the Catalog Menu
  2. Select Promotion from the dropdown
  3. Click the Add Promotion button
  4. Set the coupon code (this is what will be entered at checkout)
  5. Name the coupon (this will be visible to the customer when using the coupon)
  6. Give a description (this will be visible to the customer when using the coupon)
  7. Add a start and end date for the coupon (it will only work in this date range)
  8. Set Active to Yes (you can always turn the coupon off by setting this to no)
  9. Choose Private yes/no
    • No - Shows to customers in the cart
    • Yes -Gives them an option to enter a code but doesn't show the code
  10. Priority determines how high in the listing of coupons this one will appear. Higher numbers appear higher in the list.
  11. Select Use Price Group from the Discount Type dropdown menu
  12. Choose the Discount Group that was created in Part 1
  13. You may choose one restriction type (subtotal, product, category or brand). If a restriction is chosen the coupon will not work unless that restriction is met.
  14. Uses per customer limits the amount of times a customer can use the coupon.
  15. Total uses limits the number of times the coupon can be used by anyone. This is great for a "First 100 visitors" promotion.