How can I add an image to my promotion?

The visibility feature within Promotion Manager allows you to enhance your advertising on the site with imagery. This feature will also control when the images are displayed on the site based on when the coupon is available and if it is public.

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Can Display


Above Content

This field is used to display a Promotion above the content of your page.

Below Content

This field is used to display a Promotion above the content of your page.


This field is used to display a Promotion in the sidebar of your page, if applicable.


This field is used to display a Promotion in the Slideshow of your page, if applicable.


This field is used to display a Promotion anywhere inside your page content


Thumbnail image used on the "promotion.html" page and all other dedicated Promotion Manager pages. The thumbnail can also be used in other pages of the site. 

  • Display Locations

    • Category Page(s)

    • Category Page(s) with Children Page(s)

    • Brand Page

    • Product Page(s)

    • Product Series Page(s)

    • Cart Page

    • Home Page

    • Promotions Page

  • The makeup of a promotion has two key components: 1) The image and the overall size to where it will fit on your site (Above, Below, Sidebar, etc..) 2) Where to display your promotions and what images to use.

Figure 5

Adding Images

  • Click on the  button to start adding images
      • If you plan on adding multiple images, you will need to press the  button as many times as the images you plan on uploading. If you click on  after you've browsed for an image, any previous work will lost and you will have to browse for the image(s) again. If you are editing an existing promotion, you can add images and the existing saved images will remain intact.

        • For example, if your promotion is going to have 5 images, then you need to click on  5 times before you starting browsing for your images. If you try to add them one at a time, your browser may delete the previous information and you will need to search for your image(s) again.

      • Click on the "Browse" button to search for your first image.

      • Click the check boxes for each location where this image can be used.

        • For example, the size of your slideshow image would most likely not be appropriate for your thumbnail image and therefore should be two distinct images.

        • If you have several images with the same "Can Display" box checked, the Promotion Manager will only display the first image it finds. It's best to only have one of each "Can Display" option in the images section.
      • Repeat this process until you have added all your images and chosen the locations they can be displayed

Adding Visibility

Visibility determines where your promotions will be seen.

First set your "Select Page View ". This is the type of page that you want you promotion to be seen on. For example, you might select "Product Page(s)" here for your promotion to show on all product pages.
Second set your "Show on Pages":

Specific - Will only show on the specific page types you defined above which match the WSM Product IDs you add to the list.

Finally, the "Display Images" check boxes are used to determine which images and location to use for your promotion. 
      • This setting will use the image attributes set in the "images" section.
        • For example - If you have an image with "Above Content" checked in the images section, when you add Visibility and check the "Above Content" box, it will use the image with the "Above Content" box checked. 
  • When all your information is entered, click on the  to save your promotion.
    • Please note that if you have not entered in all the required fields, the save will fail and you will need to re-add your images.

Viewing all your Promotions on the Front-end of your site

  1. To see your promotions navigate to "http://<your domain name>/promotions.html". This main landing page for your Promotions will contain the highest priority promotion from each category of promotions (Discount, Coupon, Rebate, Gift with Purchase), see Figure 5.

  2. From this page, you are also given the ability to drill down further to see all promotions of a given type. For example, if your site has multiple active coupons, you can click on the "See All Coupons" button to view all active coupons. The coupon description for both the main landing page and each type of promotion will use the normal description field.

  3. If you click on the "See Details" button for a specific promotion (Figure 6), the final promotion specific page will display the "extended description". If no extended description was entered, Promotion Manager will use the default description field for the promotion specific descriptions.


Figure 6



Figure 6


Figure 7



Description: "Rebate" promotion only being promoted only by the slide show

  • You will notice that while there are two images, the first is specific to the slide show while the second is the thumbnail to be used on the promotion pages. 
  • The final visibility is dependent on what is set in the "Visibility" portion of the form. As you can see below there is 1 "Visibility" option set which is for the slideshow on the homepage.



If the time zone is not set in the System > Configuration > General Tab the promotion field will not appear in the checkout cart

If you enter an active promotion code at cart and it does not apply - check the Requirements > Promotion Code field - This field must have the Promotion code entered.