How do I add a Rebate to my site?

Rebates are used to give customers discounts on products. Using rebates helps you increase sales during a specific time period or move inventory for a specific product, brand, or grouping of products.


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Promotion Manager handles Rebates in one of two ways:

  • URL
  • Uploaded File

The URL option can be useful if you have a rebate hosted on another site, or maybe a manufacturer or supplier is providing Rebates on their site you want to inform your customer on. This configuration allows your promotion to directly link to another site (or your own) to provide a Rebate form to be downloaded.

The Uploaded File is for when you want to control the Rebate form more directly. This document will be saved on your site and 

Rebate forms, regardless of the option you choose, are found by going to the "/promotions.html" page on your site. From here you can click on the specific rebate if it appears, or navigate down to find your rebates by clicking on the "See all Rebates" button (See Figure 1 below). By clicking on the "Link" your customer can start a download of the rebate form.


Figure 1


  1. Log into the back end of your WSM
  2. Hover over Catalog
  3. Click Promotions
  4. Click Add Promotion
  5. Enter all the values for the fields in the "Information" section according to the table below - This section is mandatory for all promotions
  6. Set the Promotion Type to Rebate
  7. Complete the remaining fields in the Rewards Section as explained below
  8. If you Subscription allows it, add any images and visibility you want to advertise this promotion.
  9. Click Save Changes and start promoting!

Form Fields Defined

Typically this section will be a two column table that defines each data field in the relative module page. It may also be a table that defines other important criteria or characteristics. Use the basic table formatting as illustrated below.

Below is a list of each field for the page.

 An asterisk * identifies a required field.

Rebate* This URL is used to link your rebate promotion to another page either hosted by your own site or somewhere else on the internet (e.g. manufacturer) This file is saved to your site and can be retrieved from the promotion.html or it's child pages.


Remember to click Save Changes or Update to commit any changes completed.


Now that you have your Rebate promotion created it is time to notify your customers of the great deals you have available. We offer great articles on email marketing, updating banners, and editing your order confirmation messages.