This document will provide examples of processing orders from start to finish and will highlight specific considerations depending on the current size of your eCommerce venture.

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Receiving an Order

  • Accessing your New Orders

You can access new orders as soon as you sign into the Admin Dashboard.

Click the New Orders link in the top right corner of your Dashboard. Click the New link in the Orders section of left sidebar menu. Or hover over Orders in the top navigation bar and click New. All three methods will take you to the New Orders menu.

Click the Edit icon for the order you'd like to process

Then move onto the next section of this article: Processing an Order!

Processing an Order

  • Order Status Definitions

There are more than a few order statuses available in WSM. We do this to accommodate all kinds of automotive eCommerce; from mom & pops to major manufacturers. You don't have to use them all, pick what makes the most sense for you.

  • New - The default status an order will be set to when first received.
  • Processing - A good status to use when you first begin working on an order. Can also be used for custom parts you build to order
  • Ready to Ship - The money's been collected, the products are packed up, you're just waiting for the shipping company to come pick it up.
  • Return - It happens, a customer calls and wants to return their purchase so you set the order to this status.
  • Shipped - The products are on their way to the customer.
  • Backorder - The products ordered are on back order from the supplier.
  • Held - The order is on hold for whatever reason. (need more information from the customer, waiting for the check to clear, etc...)
  • Complete - Everything's done. The customer received their products & you have your money.
  • Canceled - The order could not be completed & had to be canceled.
  • Processing Example

  1. A customer places an order on the website, you receive a New Order Notification email. Clicking the link in the email will take you straight to the order
  2. You set the order status to Processing and add a thank you message to the User Comments field. Then click the Save + Send Email button, this will notify your customer that the order fulfillment process has begun and your Thank You message will be sent to the customer
  3. Package up the products for the order & get them ready to ship
  4. Update the order status from Processing to Ready to Ship. Click the Save + Send Email button. This will notify your customer that the order has progressed to the next stage of fulfillment
  5. Schedule the pickup with your shipping carrier and obtain a tracking number
  6. When the package is picked up: update the order status to Shipped, add the tracking number, add a message to your customer with an expected delivery date, add a memo so your staff know when the customer should receive their products. Click the Save + Send Email button to make sure your customer receives the notification. NOTE: You can see the memo from your Order List view, your staff can easily know what date to mark the order as complete. 

  7. Once the products have been delivered, update the order status to Complete, add one final Thank You message to your customer, then click the Save + Send Email button one last time. 


How You Can Edit an Existing Order


Add a customer account to an existing order:


Editing/adding products to an existing order:


How to Change a Product on an Existing Order: