This article will walk you through how to resolve crawl errors, by doing this you will ensure that your site is redirecting links and that your website to work properly.


  1. Log into Webmaster Tools, click to follow the link to your website
  2. Click Crawl
  3. Click Crawl Errors
  4. Click the tab for Not Found
  5. Click Download to get a list of URLs
    Note:  if you have a lot of crawl errors you may need to repeat these steps until all are marked 
    as resolved. Google will not download the entire list, normally only 1 to 2k
  6. Open the file you downloaded
  7. Add a column with a heading for NewURL and specify where you want the 404 page 
    to redirect too. Try to find the most relevant page.
  8. Rename the URL column to OldURL
  9. Remove, your domain name from all urls. All urls should start with /
  10. Save as a CSV
  11. Log into the backend of your site
  12. Hover over Data
  13. Click CSV Profiles
  14. If you do not have an import profile for redirects, copy and rename the one called
     "WSM (COPY ONLY) Global Redirects Import"
  15. When it is complete
  16. Hover over System, click Configuration
  17. Click Save Changes (this will clear the sites cache)
  18. Go back to Google Webmaster tools
  19. Select all the Error, click Marked as Fixed 
    (Repeat these steps until all are cleared, you may have to do this over a few days.)