Service Desk Form FAQ:

Optimizing Ticket Submission: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Request and Subcategory for Swift Issue Resolution

Request Type Categories & Subcategories

Products & Catalog, Data Request

This category handles queries related to your website products, pricing updates, and catalog data management. Whether you need assistance with fitment data, imports, or requests fir third-party integrations, this category will be your choice

  • Categories
  • Dealer or Wholesale Pricing
  • Imports & Exports
    • Export Data Request
    • Export Orders
    • Update Shipping Discount Tax Code
    • Export Product Images
  • Fitment or Attributes
    • Add Schema to Site
    • Index Request
    • Add Fitment Data on the Cart Page
  • Images
  • Mass Add or Update | Data Recovery and Handling | Adding or updating data
    • Import YMM Data
    • Update Pricing Request
    • Restore Data Request
    • Update Fitment
  • Option Sets or Option Inventory Configuration
  • Pricing
  • Third-Party Data Sources
    • Third-Party Integration (Channel Advisor)
  • WSM Product API
    • Request for API Key
  • Other Request

New Features, Upgrades & Enhancements

This category covers requests for homepage redesigns, integrations like Microsoft Clarity, and other upgrades to enhance your online presence and user experience.

  • Create Dealer Portal 
  • PartsLogic Upgrade
  • Microsoft Clarity
  • Light Widget for Instagram
  • Enable WSM 5.0 Payment Gateway
  • Enable Kount
  • Combine Billing and Shipping address at the Checkout Page


Inquiries regarding various integrations for your website, covering services like Avalara, ASAP, API, PayPal, HubSpot, and others.

  • Avalara Integration
  • ASAP integration
  • API Integration
  • Paypal Integration
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Google Review Integration
  • T-Hub Integration
  • MailChimp
  • Other Integration not listed here

Styling & Design Changes/Updates

Requests for styling and design changes, including modifications to order email templates, pop-ups, banners, and homepage redesigns

  • Order Email Template
  • Pop-Up for Email Subscription
  • Add Brand by Repository
  • Change Text on the Header or Footer
  • Add a simple Banner
  • Homepage Video Banner
  • Create a Hero Banner
  • Homepage Re-Design
  • Other

Marketing & SEO

Inquiries related to marketing and SEO strategies specific to the automotive industry. This includes optimizing conversion rates, integrating social media icons, and managing data feeds for platforms like Facebook and Google.

  • Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Facebook Business
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Global Site Tag
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Reviews
  • Add Social Media Icons
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Data Feed for Facebook or Google
  • Other

Technical Support

If you're experiencing bugs or issues related to your products, admin site, promotions, checkout or shipping, integration, and any other type of issue, this would be the category your ticket should fall into.

  • Checkout & Shipping Issues
Assistance with issues related to the checkout process, shipping options, rates, and errors encountered during the shipping process
    • Shipping options not showing on the checkout page or not able to select shipping option
    • Shipping rates are not calculated correctly
    • Issues with shipping carrier integration/credentials 
    • Shipping-related error at checkout
    • Unable to checkout 
    • Paypal Express Checkout Issue
    • Shipping Quote tool missing on the cart page
    • Zip Code error
    • I am looking to save on shipping costs
    • Error Saving promotion
    • Error Using a promotion
  • Website Performance or Optimization
Support for addressing performance-related issues such as errors, downtime, slow loading times, and indexing problems 
    • Errors while viewing products on website
    • Order Emails Bouncing or not Sending
    • Website is Down
      Search Down
    • Google Crawl & Indexing Error
    • Website is slow to load
    • Google Shopping Error
    • WSM Admin is Down
    • WSM Admin Timed Out
    • WSM Admin Extremely Slow
    • Login Credential Error
    • Other
  • Data Management
 Assistance with data-related tasks, including importing, manual updates, API usage, integration issues, and addressing security concerns, SSL, and PCI compliance. 
    • Importing
    • Manually Updating a page in the WSM Admin
    • Using API
    • Using Integration
  • Security Concerns and SSL
    • Malware Warning
    • Connection is not private
    • Site not secure warning
    • SSL Error
    • Server Certificate Error
    • HTTPS problems
    • PCI Compliance Failure
    • Other
  • Payment & Order Processing
    Support for payment-related issues, order processing errors, pricing discrepancies, and problems with the quote builder tool.
    • Not Able to Process Payments
    • Pricing Discrepancy
    • Order Not Processing
    • Host Error When Submitting Orders
    • Not Able to Manually Create Orders
    • Credit Card Processing Error
    • Error Placing Order(s) for Customers
    • Quote Builder Not Working as Expected
    • Error Using a Promotion
  • API and Integration issues
    Assistance with issues related to APIs and integrations, including order API, customer API, product API, API key requests, and resolving integration-related problems. 
    • Order API
    • Customer API
    • Product API
    • API Key Request
    • Integration Stopped Working
    • New Integration Needed
  • My Website Products
    Support for issues related to managing products on your admin page, including creation, updates, display errors, sync errors, and image-related problems. 
    • I can't create/update a product
    • Product not displaying/error
    • Issues deleting products
    • Product Sync Errors
    • Product loading with a 404 error
    • Errors in Product Pages
    • Issues related to uploading or updating images
    • Price update errors
    • Other
  • Error Message Not Listed in Other Categories
    Requests related to error messages not covered in other categories, providing a catch-all for miscellaneous issues.

Billing and Contract

Requests related to billing and contracts, covering cancellation requests, ownership transfers, payment method updates, refund requests, and reviews of monthly billing and contracts.

  • Cancellation Request
  • Transfer of Ownership
  • Request to update Payment method to WSM
  • Request for refund
  • Review monthly billing
  • Review contract

Training Request

  • Order Processing
    Training requests related to order processing, including exports, fraud prevention, payment gateways, processing workflows, promotions, and handling the WSM Order API. 
    • Exports & Reports
    • Fraud
    • Payment & Payment gateways
    • Processing Workflow
    • Promotions & Discounts
    • Quote Builder
    • Sales Tax
    • Shipping & Handling
    • Troubleshooting
    • WSM Order API
  • Products/Catalog
    Training requests for managing products and catalogs, covering categories, pricing, fitment, attributes, promotions, and using the WSM Product API. 
    • Categories
    • Dealer & Wholesale pricing
    • Fitment & Attributes
    • Manually Add or Update
    • Mass Add or Update (Imports)
    • Option Sets & Option Inventory Control
    • Promotions & Discounts
    • WSM Product API
  • Content/Styling
    Training requests for content and styling, including managing contact forms, dealer locators, homepage elements, images, banners, landing pages, menus, navigation, news articles, and blogs. 
    • Contact & Inquiry Forms
    • Dealer Locator
    • Homepage
    • Images & Banners
    • Landing Pages
    • Menus & Navigation
    • News Articles & Blogs
    • Promotions