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What is Ship to Dealer?

Ship to Dealer is a feature which allows your customers to ship their products to a dealer listed on your site instead of to an address of their own. You might be wondering why a customer might want to do that? There could any number of reasons, but some typical reasons are that the end customer doesn't have the expertise or equipment to install the part themselves and it might be too bulky to transport themselves to the installer.

Once a customer completes the checkout successfully, the selected dealer will now get order notification updates through e-mail. Any change that is done to an order will update both the customer and the dealer. The dealer will also get emailed a modified invoice of the order which does NOT include the pricing information for each part.

How does it work?

On the front-end of site, Ship-to-Dealer can only be seen on the checkout screen as seen in Figure 1. As you can see in Figure 1, when Ship-to-Dealer is enabled, the usual "I have a separate shipping address" option is modified from a checkbox to radio buttons which allow an end user to choose between the following options:

  • My Shipping Address and Billing address are the same
  • Ship to a local dealer
  • I have a separate shipping address


Figure 1 - Ship-to-Dealer front-end

Ship to dealer performs it's dealer lookups based on zip code proximity. There are currently two ways Ship to Dealer gets an end users zip code.

  1. When a customer clicks on "Ship to local dealer location", the feature will first try to do a browser based geo-location. The browser will prompt a user to allow the browser to detect their location. If the customer selects YES, Ship to dealer will take the results and pre-populate the zipcode field and perform a search for dealers. 
  2. If the customer selects NO to browser location, then the dealer select window will appear and there will be a data entry box which the customer will need to enter their zipcode in and click on the FIND button.


Once results are returned (see Figure 2), a customer can scroll through the available dealers and when the see one that supports their needs, they would need to click on the SHIP TO button to select a dealer. This now becomes the "Ship To" location and the checkout page is updated accordingly.

Note: When creating Locations, you use the Comments section to display what the dealer can/can't install. This will help customers choose a location which can perform the work they need done. An example of this is in Figure 2 in the yellow box.


Figure 2 - Ship to Dealer Location Screen


Figure 3 - Ship to Dealer address on Checkout screen


The entire order must be shipped to the dealer for each order. If there are multiple products in an order, a single part within the order cannot be shipped individually to the dealer.


What Ship to Dealer features are implemented in Web Shop Manager?

  • Dealer Locations
    • Ability to define which Locations are Dealer locations and will be shown to your customers.
  • Browser Geo-Location
    • Ability to determine nearest locations to a user by allowing for browser based geo-locating customers.
  • Dealer Notifications
    • Dealers get notified of any changes made to an order which is being sent to them.
  • Dedicated Dealer Pages
    • Ability to have a dedicated content page for any of your dealers

How do I setup Dealer Locations?

Ship to Dealer also requires that Dealer Locations are available for end users to select from.

  • Existing or new locations can be used as dealer locations
    • Once the Ship to Dealer feature has been turned on by WSM personnel, in the admin section of the site click on Modules→ Locations and look for the "Ship To" radio button.
      • If Ship To is set to YES, then this location will show up as a Dealer during a dealer search at checkout.
      • If Ship To is marked as NO, then this location will not show up as a Dealer during the search at checkout.


    • Any email updates for a dealer location will be sent to the defined email in each Location.

What Dealer information is Displayed during checkout?

  • Notes/Comments
    • This field can be used to display any information you wish, but it is typically used to describe what type of parts the dealer installs, or doesn't install. 
  • Dealer Address
    • The address of the Dealer Location
  • Phone Number
    • The Phone number of the Dealer Location
  • E-Mail
    • The E-mail of the Dealer Location
  • Website URL
    • The Website URL of the Dealer Location
  • Dealer Business Hours
    • The business hours of the Dealer Location

How can I get more information on, or get, Ship to Dealer installed on my Web Shop Manager site?

Please reach out to Web Shop Manager personnel for more information:

Create a support ticket or call Phone: (619) 278-0871