Here you find frequently asked questions regarding shipping, order and cart categories.

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Updating Shipping and Return Policies 

Q:  How do I edit my Shipping and Return Policies?

A:  Go to your front-end.  Look at the url of the page the policies are on and that will determine the exact location of your policies. There will be a page ID number in your URL, which you can look up on the back-end of your site.

Navigate to the page in the back-end of your site to make your edits:

  • In Web Shop Manager, hover over Content
  • Click on Navigation
  • In the search bar at the top of the page, enter the page ID number (usually 4-5 digits)
  • Click Search
  • Click the edit icon (notepad and pencil) for the page that matches the ID number you searched for
  • You can now update your policies from this edit screen
  • When you are finished, click Save Changes

Shipping Calculations

Q:  How does Web Shop Manager calculate shipping cost?

A:  Web Shop Manager does not calculate the shipping cost. The shipping cost is calculated by the carrier UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Web Shop Manager sends the weight, length, width, and height of the product as it is listed at the product level in the back end of your site.

Q:  What if the customer has two products shipping, in one box?

A:  If they order more than one product and neither of the products is set to "Own Box" at the product level our system will do the following calculation to combine the products into one box to send the weight, length, width, and height to the carrier. 

Product 1: weight: 2, 4 x 4 x 31 = 496
Product 2: weight: 5, 7 x 7 x 14 = 686
total area of shipment: (496 + 686) = 1182 

Then we calculate the cube root of 1183
3√1183 = 10.57

Sent to UPS: Weight: 7 Length: 10.57, Width: 10.57, Height: 10.57

Shipping Estimator

Q:  Why am I getting different quotes on my cart and checkout screen?


Blocking Free Shipping

Q:  How can I block Free Shipping for members of my Wholesale Group?

A:  You have the ability to block free shipping for any customer group you want. To block it for every member of your Wholesale group, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Web Shop Manager, navigate to:
  2. Customers
  3. Customer Groups
  4. List Members
  5. Edit Each Member
  6. Change "Block Free Shipping" to Yes


Test Orders

Q: How do I place a test order?

A: If you want to place an order on your website but not use a real credit card, you can do so by placing a Test Order with the payment information below. With this information you can use any billing and/or shipping address. When this card number it used, it completely by-passes the payment gateway and will add a TEST ORDER wallpaper to the order in WSM.

  • Name: Use any name
  • Card Number: 5454545454545454
  • Expiration Date: Any date in the future
  • Code: 123

You can VOID this order in the back end of your website when your testing is completed.

Order In Progress: Checkout Status

Q:  Why do I have so many orders in progress?

A:  This can be caused by a wide variety of reasons, and does not necessarily point to your site.  

  • Many visitors to websites will shop and then build an order just to see the exact price of their order including shipping costs
  • Visitors will build an order for a purchase, to sit in the cart and pay for at a later date
  • Maybe visitors are having trouble navigating through the checkout process

Again, having a large number of orders in building status does not necessarily mean that your site visitors are having trouble with the system. The WSM checkout screen is designed for a speedy checkout with clear directions in all fields.

If you want to, you can attempt to extract funds from an order in building status by viewing the email address associated with a building order and communicating directly with your customer. This may not always be available, as an email address would only be displayed if the site visitor was registered or the data was provided at checkout

Time Stamps: PST Configuration

Q:  How do I get PST Time Stamps on Orders?  In the Configuration, we need to select US/Pacific - New, we do not want US/Pacific.

A: To make the change:

  1. Navigate to System>Configuration>General 
  2. For the Time Zone: Select "US/Pacific-New" (just under US/Pacific)
  3. Save Changes

🔎Note: Depending upon your site's server, you may see different time zones displayed.  And US/Pacific may not be available.



Checkout Screen Customization

Q:  Can I customize my Checkout Screen?

A:  Yes and No.

Yes, Web Shop Manager gives you the ability to add a number of things on this screen to give more instruction to your site visitor. This can be done by accessing the System Configuration screen in Web Shop Manager and adding message in the specified section. Furthermore, if you have a request for the Checkout Screen that is beyond the options provided in the System Configuration section, please submit a support request detailing the changes you would like to see.

However, The basic functionality and appearance of the Checkout screen is dynamically controlled by WDS and thus does not give you the ability to change certain fields. For example, the order of the fields cannot be edited by Web Shop Manager users. Additionally, the information on this screen that is displayed to the site visitor is completely controlled by WDS.

Checkout Terms and Conditions

Q: How can I set up a Terms and Conditions URL for checkout?

A: You can link any site page, FAQ, Resource, etc. to your Terms and Conditions.

  1. Place the URL (the portion after your domain, including the slash such as: /p-1111-my-url.html) in the Checkout Terms URL on your System
  2. Configuration
  3. Checkout tab in Web Shop Manager

🔎Note: If you want the customer to confirm that they have read your terms and conditions before they can checkout, click the Required box below the text field.

Auto-Capture vs. Manual Refund

Q: With Auto-Capture on, a customer orders a product that happens to be back-order and she decides to cancel her order.  Will the system automatically reverse her credit card charges?

A: If a transaction amount has already been captured then the transaction amount will need to be refunded. This is not an automatic step based on the status of an item, or status of the order.

To do a refund:

  1. Hover over the Orders tab
  2. Locate the order (by selecting all orders or open orders from here)
  3. Scroll to the payment information
  4. Click Complete near the transaction information
  5. Switch Complete to Refund
  6. Update order

Additional Customer Charges

Q: How do I charge a customer for additional items or shipping?

A:  The first thing to know is that the system will not auto-capture the additional amount. Here are your options for performing the charge:

  1. In Web Shop Manager, go to Orders
  2. Select the order you would like to edit
  3. From here, you can do one of two things:
    1. Cancel the “pending” payment, and click Add Transaction for the new total (previous total combined with additional amount). This will create one total charge for the customer.
    2. Capture the “pending” payment for the authorized amount and use the Add Transaction for the additional shipping charge. This will result in two charges to the customer

  1. Leave a comment in the box at the bottom of the page, notifying the customer of the changes being made
  2. Make sure the Send Email to Customer box is checked
  3.  Save changes