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Here you find a video describing the features of our Solr Search Tool.


Using the Solr search tool improves your customers' searching experience by allowing them to put in partial product ID's into your website's search bar and display all products with a similar product ID. This comes in handy if your customer does not have a complete product ID and or types in a partial ID.

Currently, your search engine is only designed to look up exact product numbers. For example, if I have a product ID of ABC-123 then, I can only use that product ID to bring up that product. But, if I use the Solr tool, I can type in any variation of that product ID. Examples would be abc123, ABC 123, etc. 


Before you begin, download the Solr Search Tool

Step 1: Go to the back end of your WSM account and, hover your mouse of the "Data" tab and click on "CSV Profiles"

Step 2: Type in "Solr" in the search box at the top right-hand corner of your screen and, click search

Step 3: Locate the "WSM Solr Text Search (EXPORT ONLY) - WSMID, StockID, DealerID, MetaKeywords" file and, click on the "Export" button

  • The export button looks like a folder with an arrow pointing down

Step 4: Next, you will locate the "WSM (COPY ONLY) Solr Text Search (IMPORT ONLY) - WSMID, MetaKeywords" file and, click on the "Copy" button

  • The copy button looks like two (2) pieces of paper on top of each other
  • Once you click on the copy button, you will be taken back to the main CSV Profiles page

Step 5: Now, open the Solr Search Tool you downloaded. It will ask you if you want to reset the template click on Yes

Step 6: After clicking yes or no, an Open file screen will appear. This is where you need to use the "WSM Solr Text Search (EXPORT ONLY)" file you exported earlier and then click "open"

Step 7: Next, a prompt will appear asking if you want to use the StockID, DearlerID or both

  • WSM has tailored this tool to be used for most sites so, when choosing which option to choose, follow these guidelines:
    • Type S if you and your customers use the terms seen in the StockID column
    • Type D if you and your customers use the terms seen in the DealerID column
    • Type B if you are unsure and want to play it safe

Step 8: Once you have selected the option you wish to choose and clicked okay, another prompt will appear will say "want to remove any pre-existing keywords added by this tool in the past?"

  • This means that it will remove all keywords the Solr search tool has added before. It will NOT remove any manually added keywords. If this is your first time running this tool, it will not affect anything 
  • If this is your second or third time using this tool, you may wish to select the "no" option so that none of your keywords is removed

Step 9: After selecting the appropriate response, another prompt will appear informing you that your file contains your number of data rows and that excel may stop while processing your information (this may take up to five (5) minutes to do). Once all your products have finished loading, one last prompt will appear informing you that the processing is complete. Click okay.

Step 10: Now you will save this as a UTF-8 CSV file. Make sure you save this file as a "CSV UTF-8 (Comma Delimited) not, CSV Macintosh, or CSV (MS-DOS). Now, go back to the back end of your WSM account

Step 11: On the back end of WSM, locate the file that you copied earlier (WSM (COPY ONLY) Solr Text Search (IMPORT ONLY) WSMID, MetaKeywords) and click on the import button

  • The import button looks like a piece of paper with an arrow pointing up
  • This is where you will upload the CSV file you just saved

Step 12: Once you have uploaded your CSV file, leave both "Force Updates" and "Append New" options unchecked and click on the blue "Run Import" button located on the right-hand side of the screen

  • Depending on the size file, this may run up to 10 minutes
  • If any errors occur while importing your CSV file, please take a screenshot of your error and send it to WSM at support@webshopmanager.com

Step 13: After your file has uploaded to WSM you will be taken back to the Import Profiles screen with a green box at the top

  • If everything is green, you have loaded your keywords successfully to your website
  • Your keywords may take up to 24 hours to populate on the front end of your website