T-HUB is a multi-channel Order Manager solution designed to integrate your eCommerce stores with QuickBooks and Shipping services.

ASM & T-Hub Version/Installation

Atandra T-HUB

    Visit the T-Hub site to determine which version and support are best for your company and Quickbooks version, https://atandra.com/t-hub/.

    WSM Subscription

    Visit our pricing page or contact support, support@webshopmanager.com, to confirm your current subscription with WSM includes the feature to activate T-Hub connector.

    Setting up T-Hub for Quickbooks

    Follow instructions provided by Atandra on installing and setting up T-Hub.

    Site API Key

    Contact WSM to obtain an API Key, access is based on your current subscription level.

    Adding Store in T-Hub

    Store Name

    1. Go to the Admin of your site 
    2. Click System > Configuration 
    3. On the Site Information tab, the first line Site Name, that is what you put by Store Name is.

    Web Service URL

    1. Add your sites URL: https://YOURDOMAIN.com/
    2. Key:  Enter in the Order API Key that was given to you by a WSM Team Member. 
    3. Click Test Store Connection