T-HUB is a multi-channel Order Manager solution designed to integrate your eCommerce stores with QuickBooks and Shipping services.

WSM & T-Hub Steps to get started

  1. Select your version of Atandra T-HUB to match your support needs
    Visit the T-Hub site to determine which version and support are best for your company and Quickbooks version.

    a) T-HUB
    b) T-HUB Online
  2. Confirm with your WSM CSM that your Subscription includes the ability to use this integration
    Visit our pricing page or contact support, support@webshopmanager.com, to confirm your current subscription with WSM includes the feature to activate T-Hub connector.
  3. Obtain the WSM Site API Key from your CSM, fees may apply

    Contact WSM to obtain an API Key, access is based on your current subscription level and fees may apply. Submit a ticket or call your assigned CSM.

  4. Set up T-Hub for Quickbooks and/or your Shipping Services
    Follow instructions provided by Atandra on installing and setting up T-Hub.

Few Notes on getting started with connecting your WSM site in T-Hub

Obtain your Store Name

  1. Go to the Admin of your site 
  2. Click System > Configuration 
  3. On the Site Information tab, the first line Site Name, that is what you put by Store Name is.

Web Service URL

  1. Add your site's URL: https://YOURDOMAIN.com/
  2. Key: Enter in the Order API Key that was given to you by a WSM Team Member. 
  3. Click Test Store Connection