Technology License & Subscription FAQ

Here you can find answers to commonly asked questions regarding our technology license or performance-based subscription and how it works.

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Tech Support

Q: Am I billed for training?

Training is now part of your Monthly Technology License or Subscription with WSM. You will have access to WSMU and appropriate WSM staff based on your Tech Support Level (Standard, Professional, Premium). Hands-on training for Standard and eXpress level clients will be billed at time and materials at the current WSM hourly rate.

NOTE: WSM reserves the right to charge for excessive training requests.

Q: Can I get training for non WSM software, ie Excel, Photoshop?

There are many resources that are available online for 3rd party software or application training. If you request training from WSM for 3rd party software or applications it would be billed with Professional Services.

Q: Am I billed if I call in and ask a question.

Non-emergency phone support is available to clients in our Professional and Grow levels and up. If your question does not require WSM to edit your website, this would be considered training and non-billable. If you require WSM to log in and make a change to your website, the time is billable.

Q: What if I have an issue on my site?

Any time you have an issue on your website you should submit a ticket. If the issue is critical such as, user unable to complete orders or the website is down, call the office (619-278-0871) or the after-hours line (619-354-8671).

Q: Am I billed for a quote?

If a quote requires research longer than 15 minutes it will require Professional Services and is billable time. 

Q: Am I charged if a WSM code release causes a problem on my site?

If WSM performs a code release that causes an issue with the WSM code maintained by WSM, we will fix it under Tech Support. However, 3rd party code installed by you or customized CSS / JavasScript (JS) that is not compatible with the new WSM framework code will not be covered under Tech SupportAny requested updates to solve compatibility issues will be billed under Professional Services.

Q: I had a feature available on the backend of my site and now it is gone.

If this requirement is controlled by the framework code maintained by WSM we will help under Tech Support. If the change was made by one of your team members, the activation would be billable.


Professional Services

Q: How do you determine if my ticket requires Professional Services?

If you want WSM to make a change to your website, perform graphic work, add a new feature, perform consulting services, or enhance existing service, then it is billed under Professional Services.

Q: What if I find issues after my website is launched?

Our goal is to meet the items outlined in your contract prior to launching and taking your website live. However, if a contract item is missed and found within 2 weeks, the time to complete will not be billable within the original project's contracted hours. If the item or request is new, not covered in the original project's contract, it will be billed under Professional Services.

Q: What do I do if I get an email from Google about an error or some other notification?

The time required to research the error reported by Google is billed under Professional Services. However, if we find the issue is related to the framework code maintained by WSM and a code release within the 2weeks of submitting the issue, the hours will be covered by Tech Support.

Q: I want an existing feature WSM offers enabled on my site.

If the new feature requires admin access to enable, the enabling is covered under Tech Support. However, if the feature requires additional code updating on your website or styling to accommodate your website, that time would be billable under Professional Services

Q: I have a feature that WSM added to my website that is no longer working.

If the feature is part of the framework code maintained by WSM, and the issue is tied to a release within the last 2 weeks, we will resolve it under Tech Support. If it is custom code added to your website to accomplish a requested feature the time to upgrade/resolve the feature would be billable under Professional Services.



Q: Is researching/replicating an issue Professional Services?

Unless the issue is found to be an issue with the framework code maintained by WSM and a code release within two weeks, research/replication time is considered billable under Professional Services.

Q: How do you determine if my ticket is covered under Tech Support?

If you have an issue on your website with the framework code maintained by WSM and a code release within two weeks, it is covered under Tech Support.



Q: How do you determine the priority of my professional services?

Tickets are evaluated and prioritized based on Tech Support Level and those issues most critical. Most critical would be considered, site down, cart/checkout down, or you are not able to search/shop the site.

Q: How do I know how my paid hours/professional services are used?

You will have access to a daily report of your used Professional Service hours via the WSM Dashboard.

Q: How am I billed?

If a project is quoted you will receive a document to review and sign. Based on the agreed payment terms the payment method on file will be billed. For work completed on a time and materials basis, hours will be summarized and charged the 1st of the month on your next billing cycle. If a time and materials project work is completed over multiple months you will be billed for the work in each month appropriately. 

Q: What do Professional Services cost?

WSM's Professional Service rate is $195/hr.




WSM considers a bug an issue on the front or backend of your website that is within the framework code maintained by WSM by WSM.

Professional Services

Professional Service is our term for billable work.


Warranty is used to describe work the WSM team will perform under Tech Support. It is work completed without billing you. Warranty work is only completed if a bug occurs due to a code release and must be submitted within 2 weeks of the release.

3rd Party

Any software, application, or plug-in used on your website that is not controlled by WSM. Examples would be: UPS,, PayPal, Google, Chat modules, ect


3rd parties that are integrated with WSM via API connections. Integrations can be client-specific or available to all WSM clients.