When your site is nearing completion you will want to spend time not only familiarizing yourself with every aspect of your site, but also checking to make sure everything is in working order.

Use this as a basic outline of some items to test and confirm that they work. Ensure that you understand the process in which your customers will use the site and also how you will process their orders and interact with those customers. WSM team members will also be testing your site, but no one is as familiar with your site as you are.

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While looking at the homepage notice if components are out of place or missing. Then start looking at specific items like:

  • Check drop down menus and hover text
  • Double check phone numbers and store hours in the header and footer
  • Make sure that homepage slides are linked and are going to the correct pages
  • Click on social media chicklets to make sure they are hyperlinked properly
  • If a DCi site, click on each featured category and ensure that it is going to the correct page
  • If a DCi site, make sure the "continue" button appears, that there are no unusual scroll bars, and that the lookups are working properly

Interior Pages

Be sure to have content on the pages deeper in your navigation. In addition to checking content be sure to:

  • Review for general "look" and alignment
  • Make sure left and right columns appear properly
  • If using inquiry forms, make sure they are styled properly and functioning. Send a test inquiry and review on the backend of your site to see where they come in, and how to respond
  • Visit your Contact Us page, send a test inquiry
  • If using Dealer Locator, make sure that there is a Google API key in your Configuration or this page will not work properly

Category & Brand Pages

Review your catalog and shop like a customer might to ensure the shopping experience is working properly. What would your customer do?

  • Look at several Category & Brand pages to look for any discrepancies
  • Toggle between the different views and sort products in different ways

Product Pages

Take a look at several product pages to ensure functionality.

  • If using Option Sets, select options and add to cart
  • When in the cart use the shipping estimator (if using)
  • Take the item to checkout, add shipping information so that shipping calculates
  • Checkout with an item using a real credit card. Look at the order in the backend of your site, capture the funds, check your Merchant Account, and then refund to make sure you are familiar with processing orders

Top Navigation

Check the Top Navigation menus to ensure functionality.

  • Check that all hover text is correct
  • Hover over each menu to make sure the drop down menus display correctly
  • Click on each link and check the linking page. While on each internal page make sure there is content, and check the left and right navigation menus for consistency

Bottom Navigation

Check the Bottom Navigation links.

  • Check that all hover text is correct
  • Click on each link and check that the hyperlinks are linking to the appropriate internal pages. While on each internal page make sure there is content, and check the left and right navigation menus for consistency

Bottom Navigation Images

  • Check that the Social Medial buttons are hyperlinked correctly

DCi Products (if applicable)

If your site has DCi products then there are a few additional items you will want to check.

  • Shop for products using the Search By Vehicle and Shop By Category menus, do you see add to cart?
  • Add a product to your cart, from the cart click on the product to be taken to the product page
  • Check the shipping estimator, proceed to checkout

Cross Browser Compatibility

On occasion certain elements display differently or are missing in different browsers. Check how the site looks across browsers. Look specifically for visual anomalies and function/feature errors. It is acceptable to have some design degradation. Ensure that your customers are able to do core functions such as add items to the cart. You may want to check the following browsers:

  • IE6
  • IE7
  • IE8
  • IE9
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox