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Use the WSM Cart tab to build a better shopping cart on your eCommerce site.

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For an eCommerce site, your shopping cart is much more than an online container for consumer goods. Your cart is a gateway connecting customers to your product. A well-designed cart  converts shoppers into buyers, while a poorly designed one is likely to be abandoned. The WSM Cart tab allows you to create a cart with consumer-driven features such as wishlists, shipping quote tool, and recommended items generator.

Viewing the Cart tab

  1. In Web Shop Manager, hover the mouse over System and click Configuration.
  2. Click the Cart tab. 

    Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 9.11.40 PM

Cart form definitions

The table below defines the fields in the Cart form and explains their use within the form. 

Wishlists When enabled, allows the the user to create a wishlist of future items to purchase. 
Recommended Items

Displays recommended purchases to customers in a condensed 3 item list under Cart view.

The feature can generate items from a pre-selected product category or from items already in the customer's shopping cart if auto generate is selected.

Shipping Quote Tool Allows customers to use the Ajax shipping quote tool within their cart to get shipping estimates. 
Cart Message Displays a unique message at the top of a customer's cart and wishlist. 
Continue Button Determines which web page customers are directed to when they click Continue within their cart.