Web Shop Manager 5.0 Payment Gateways PCI DSS Certification

This article aims to clarify if WSM 5.0 Payment Gateways is PCI DSS certified and if clients still need to have PCI scans performed.


Web Shop Manager 5.0 Payment Gateway is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, the top certification level. Clients are still responsible for declaring they outsource their card handling to a third party:

The Merchant would need to declare a SAQ-A (that’s a self-assessment questionnaire).  This is intended for merchants who have fully outsourced all cardholder data functions to PCI DSS-validated third-party service providers. Merchants using SAQ A do not store, process, or transmit any cardholder data on their systems or premises. An example is a website redirecting customers to a third-party payment processor where all payment processing is handled.