What can I do if I do not see a new inquiry form notification?

Follow the below steps to troubleshoot possible issues when you do not see new inquiry form notifications delivered to your email inbox:

  1. Go to the back end of your WSM
  2. Hover over Content
  3. Click on Inquiry Forms
  4. Click the Edit icon on the form you wish to check 
  5. Make sure the Email To field has the correct email address to be delivered to, for example, info@mysite.com
  6. Enter an additional email address to also receive the forms in the Email Cc field to help test delivery -
    • Note it is best to use an email address that is not within your website domain to help testing (ex. Gmail, Yahoo, MSN email address)
  7. Then go to the inquiry form's page on the front end of the website and submit a test form
  8. Check your email inbox for the notification (also check spam mail and trash in case it's being filtered there)
  9. If you cannot locate the inquiry form your site is using, it is likely the inquiry form is system generated.

System-generated forms will only use the email address found under the System > Configuration > General tab.  You will also notice there is no Inquiry form with the Product check box - checked, indicating the form is system generated. The most efficient way direct a form to use the email address you want to use, is to create a new form. and have it set to the Product Form


If you still do not see the form notification coming through please open a Support Request Ticket or Email Support Staff