Why are order numbers not in numerical order?

This brief article will explain why orders might not be showing in numerical order

Last edited: July 20th, 2021

There have been instances in which orders are not following a specific numerical order.

For example:
#21950 was in between 21013 and 21035
#21642 was in between 21001 and 21005
#21275 was in between 21989 and 21990

This may occur when an order was started, then left in building for a while, then the customer might have returned later and finished it. Order ID numbers are assigned as soon as the customer places a product into the cart and proceeds to checkout.

You may read through the order logs and see the timestamps on the API calls. Also, you may search the site log by the order ID.

Note that order IDs are system-generated in ascending order at the time a cart goes to checkout.