Why is my Customer/Dealer not getting the discount?

How to verify on the backend why a discount is not being applied to an order.

First, we have to make sure how are we giving the discount to the customer? Is it a Coupon code or a Customer Group? 

If you have your customer linked to a customer group please use the following steps: 

  • From the backend of your site, go to the Customers Menu  >  Customers
  • Find the customer and confirm the Price Group.
  • Confirm the customer is logged in.
  •  The last step is to confirm the products the customer has in the cart have a Tiered Price for that customer group.
  • If the products are not assigned to a price group, this process needs to be done first before the customer process his/her order. 
Assigning the Price Group to specific products
  • Click on Catalog
  • Select Products
  • Click the Pen/Paper icon next to the product you want to edit
  • In Tiered Pricing click Open Tiered Pricing
  • Select the Price Group from the drop down menu
  • Click the Add Rule button
  • Add the Discounted Price
  • Set a limit if you'd like to limit the amount of this item somebody can buy at the discounted price
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button